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ID Tech Solutions, RFID Wristbands For Sports & Races Manufacturer, Supplier, Dealer Of RFID Dual Frequency Wristbands In India, Delhi, Gurgaon. Buy At Best Price RFID Wristbands For Sports & Races, Competition Management, Hospital Management, Conference & Exhibitions, Live Concerts, Sports & Games, Amusement Parks And Other Customized Uses.


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RFID WRISTBANDS FOR SPORTS RACES ID Tech Solutions manufacturer and supplies ultra-high quality and best in the range of RFID Wristbands For Sports And Races. These tags are also used in various competitive and tracking games amusement parks and other customized uses. These RFID wristbands are also used for access control giving access to authorized personnel only also can be used for cashless or e-purse payments or transactions by the players at various competitions and races. These wristbands also give real-time insights into the events and races with respect to precise time and laps in the races and competitions. These wristbands also help a lot in preventing the unauthorized person to enter the area and to leave a great impression on attendees. These wristbands are also widely used for marketing and advertising purposes in these events and attract a lot of high profile sponsors. The Advantages of RFID wristbands are even wider for various races and competitions when it comes to the exact time measurement. Time is the biggest factor when it comes to measure and compete in the competitions and precision is equally important for the same. So to avoid the human errors the RFID race tags for competitions are the best way out. These tags and readers are designed to work in all types of environment for tracking and analyzing the details related to race. These readers can read up to 100 tags per second with a precise measurement of the timings and other required data.

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Our wide range of RFID wristbands are absolutely compatible with all types of races and competitions for the exact measurement and can be placed at different places of the player as per the comfort level of them like tied with the shoe chest labels pocket tags etc. We have wristbands of reusable and non-reusable material depending on the requirements of the clients with the print customization and other in-house editing option. These RFID wristbands available with us are of Silicon Paper Fabric Cotton PVC Paper Disposable Paper Metal Silicon Plastic Silicon and other materials are also available. These are used extensively today and are highly recommendable for Schools Events Offices or Business Events Clubs Gym Spa Conference Exhibitions Sports Games Amusement Parks etc. These wristbands are available in different shapes sizes colors and RFID chips also like LF/ HF/ UHF and also in dual-frequency like LF+HF or HF+UHF LF+UHF RFID chips depending upon the required range and functionality. The reading range for this wristband is up to 10 cm for HF/LF which can be extended to 8 m using an RFID chip which is meant for UHF functionality. RFID Access Control RFID inlays passes and wristbands designed by IDTech can be customized for sporting events to control access enhance security and prevent counterfeiting.  Regulate access reduce queuing time and manage restricted area/VIP access

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 Reduce losses due to touting duplication or multiple use of tickets  Strengthen spectator loyalty and enhance fan experience by using our guest recognition and cancelation compensation features Asset Management and Tracking System With our world-class RFID technology monitor and manage all your sporting equipment and assets easily.  - Track your RFID equipped sporting accessories such as golf balls and locate them using a positioning system in real time  - Manage game day operations to ensure all hardware and software are in top condition and ready for the days event.  - Track and manage your records and documents using a centralized database system .

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Contestant and Event Management Keep track of real-time updates and scores during the game using our RFID products. Reduce laboring costs and manual intervention or inaccuracy.  - Record racer’s real net times as they pass antennas throughout the course as well as at the start and finish lines  - Record real time data measure performances and update scores easily  - Allow fans and family to position themselves along the course to cheer participants on at different locations and present personalized messages of encouragement. This RFID wristband readers can be put at various areas in the competition and races for counting intervals laps and different time durations. These wristbands are rugged enough to withstand any race or competition and also cannot be tampered easily. These are also used by the sponsors and the event agencies for wide use of marketing and promotional purposes at these competitions. For RFID wristbands we are leading manufacturer dealer and supplier in Gurgaon Delhi India. Our wristbands are highly durable long- lasting and are both pleasing to the eye as well as highly practical. We manufacture and deliver these wristbands for clients across all industries and across the length and breadth of India. We are manufacturers and provider of wristbands carry many years of experience and have a long list of satisfied clients who have benefited from our wristbands and the complete solution associated with it.

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