Reecho Seminar on PNA Convention

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Reecho Seminar on PNA Convention


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Reecho Seminar on 2011 PNA Convention : 

Reecho Seminar on 2011 PNA Convention Ms. Meko Nel L. Galicinao, RN, MAN Staff Nurse Jamelarin Hospital

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PNA Convention October 25-27, 2011 Waterfront Hotel and Casino, Cebu City

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Overview Program of Activities Objectives Opening Ceremonies Contents Plenary Session 1 Plenary Session 2 Plenary Session 3

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Plenary Session 5 Plenary Session 6 Plenary Session 7 Plenary Session 4 Contents 2010 CPR Guideline Updates Plenary Session 8 Plenary Session 9

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38th Founding Anniversary 54th Nurses Week Celebration National Annual Convention 2011 Philippi es Association (PN Philippine Nurses Assoc NA)

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“Filipino Nurses Driving Access, Quality, and Health” T H E M E

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OCTOBER 22 OCTOBER 25 OCTOBER 23 OCTOBER 26 OCTOBER 24 OCTOBER 27 OCTOBER 28 Opening of Nurses Week Celebration Fun Run PNA Memorabilia Exhibit Health Education Fair Registration Day Tours Convention Proper AG Tupas Award Plenary Sessions 1 & 2 Plenary Sessions 3, 4, 5, 6 Plenary Sessions 7,8 Election Results

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Identify the new Core Competencies being developed for community and hospital practice; Gather insights on entrepreneurial concepts that can influence nursing practice; Discuss the legal and ethico-moral concepts that impact on the practice of nursing through nurses’ led clinics; Apply innovations in curriculum design that will enhance nursing competencies toward safe and quality nursing practice; Explain important considerations in primary health care relevant to nursing practice; Illustrate how nurses can campaign, implement and make influence for a positive practice environment; Integrate collaboration strategies to strengthen health care access and delivery to the people; Update the nurses regarding the changes in resuscitation based on the 2010 Resuscitation Guidelines of the American Heart Association; and Provide updates regarding the amendments of the Republic Act 9173 (Philippine Nursing Act of 2002).

Opening ceremonies : 

Opening ceremonies Convention Proper

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Anastacia Giron Tupas Award Keynote Speaker: His Excellency Jejomar Binay Ang Huwarang Nars ng Bayan Award Research Poster Presentation PNA Photo Exhibit Candidates for PNA Board of Governors

Building Nursing Capacity Through competence : 

Building Nursing Capacity Through competence Plenary Session I:

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Nursing Core Competency Revisiting Project Health promotion Care of the older persons Environment protection Disaster preparedness Primary health care Care of the family, population groups, and community Building Nursing Capacity through Competence: Filipino Nurses Driving Acess, Quality, and Health Araceli S. Maglaya, RN, PHD

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Using a systematic approach and disciplined partnership to build nursing capacity through competence, and guided by the Code of Ethics, Filipino nurses can truly drive access through participatory and empowering options with clients and the multidisciplinary/multi-sectoral teams to ensure effective and efficient health resource use or development for quality care and health through enhancing: Health promotion Wellness Healthy lifestyle Prevention and control of diseases Environment protection Disaster preparedness Use of safe, adequate, appropriate, and evidence-based interventions, and Research capability To improve client care and quality performance.

Entrepreneurial influence in nursing : 

Entrepreneurial influence in nursing Plenary Session II:

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GAYOTIN, Raoulito SUCCESS “In a race called life, sometimes you may be DOWN but not necessarily OUT… you are OUT only if you QUIT the race” “You are what you chose to be… in your hand is the power to make things happen” “Great are those who can dream… for dreams are free.” “Greater are those who can make their dream a reality.”

Entrepreneurial influence in nursing : 

Entrepreneurial influence in nursing Plenary Session III:

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Advance Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) – assumes greater responsibilities in healthcare to meet the ever increasing public need for better healthcare services “There is no decrease in quality of patient care in states where nurses treat patient more autonomously and function in a manner similar to physicians.” - The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health (Institute of Medicine)

Professional and Ethicomoral Perspectives : 

Professional and Ethicomoral Perspectives Plenary Session IV:

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Advance Practice Nurse (Nurse Practitioner) “Workforce for the 21st Century Global trend in addressing disparities in healthcare delivery Now requires a master’s degree Doctorate degree in the near future

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NURSE PRACTITIONER/ADVANCE PRACTICE NURSE – “ a registered nurse who has acquired the expert knowledge base, complex decision-making skills, and clinical competencies for expanded practice, the characteristics of which are shaped by the context and/or country in which he/she is credentialed to practice” -International Council of Nurses (ICN)

Philippine Nursing Roadmap for 2030 : 

Philippine Nursing Roadmap for 2030 In the face of unemployment and the continuing contraction of foreign market, a strategic direction is to develop APN and private practice of the profession. Ethical requirements: “not doing harm” “doing good” Nurses should be competent, accountable and properly schooled in putting up private practice

Private Practice : 

Private Practice Advantages Higher pay Flexible Schedules Greater autonomy Opportunity to build more closely with their patients Disadvantages Seasoned nurses earn same fees as newly grads Patients need nurses in evenings, on weekends and holidays Responsibility to update own knowledge and skills Private duty nurses have greater need for liability insurance Private nurses do not have access to all of the benefits (social, medical, retirement)

Innovations in Curriculum Design : 

Innovations in Curriculum Design Plenary Session V:

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At the heart of purposeful activity in curriculum development is an educational philosophy that assists in answering value laden questions and selecting from the many choices about questions related to the purpose of education.

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Nursing Education

CHED Technical Committee on Nursing Education : 

CHED Technical Committee on Nursing Education New BSN Curriculum Theoretical Foundations of Nursing Informatics All professional subjects have assumed a different name to emphasize concepts , theories, and principles to be taught to achieve the core competencies

International Practice Perspectives of Primary HC : 

International Practice Perspectives of Primary HC Plenary Session VI:

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Ultimate goal of Primary Health Care: BETTER HEALTH FOR ALL

5 Key Elements (WHO) : 

5 Key Elements (WHO)

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Health workforce development Enhanced roles of nurses and integration of these roles in a skills mix approach to providing PHC services that are responsive to population needs

The Philippine Practice Perspective of PHC : 

The Philippine Practice Perspective of PHC Plenary Session VII:

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Primary Health Care – key approach to attain health for all Nurses must assume an active role in responding to the needs of the community through the delivery of quality health care

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“With the emerging challenges in the implementation of PHC, it should be seen as an indispensible area where professional nurses can venture into, not only to respond to the health needs of the community but also to create a work opportunities which are nurse-led, nurse-managed, and nurse-owned.”

Positive Practice Environment : 

Positive Practice Environment Plenary Session VIII:

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Health, Safety, Personal Well-being of health-care providers (nurse) Support the provision of quality patient’s care Improve the motivation, productivity, and performance of individuals and organizations

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Professional Recognition Occupational Safety Support Structures Management Practices Occupational Health Education Positive Practice Environment

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The professional nurse should be aware of existing laws to protect them in any work related accidents, illnesses, and abuses. To achieve a safe and healthy workplace, every nurse should be aware of his/her responsibilities to himself/herself to deliver quality and safe nursing care to all clients.

Collaboration in Health Care Delivery System : 

Collaboration in Health Care Delivery System Plenary Session IX:

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Universal Health Care (Kalusugan Pangkalahatan) – under the Aquino Health Agenda To improve, streamline, and scale up reform interventions in the health sector reform agenda

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“Health is a right of every Filipino Citizen and the state is duty bound to ensure that all Filipinos have equitable access to effective health care services.” - 1987 Philippine Constitution

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Competent Compassionate Committed Sensitive to clients needs FILIPINO NURSE

2010 CPR Guideline Updates : 

2010 CPR Guideline Updates

Time to forget your ABC : 

Time to forget your ABC

Questions, clarifications, Comments, suggestions, reactions : 

Questions, clarifications, Comments, suggestions, reactions

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W hen I think about all the patients And their loved ones That I have worked with over the years, I know most of them don’t remember me Nor do I. But I do know that I gave a little piece of myself To each of them and they to me And those threads make up The beautiful tapestry in my mind That is my career in nursing. Donna Wilk Cardillo, A Daybook for Beginning Nurses

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Thank You ! -Meko Nel JAMELARIN HOSPITAL (Formerly PAGADIAN COMMUNITY HOSPITAL) Rizal Avenue, Bagong Silang, Balangasan District, Pagadian City Tel. No. (062) 215-3295, 215-3810 Telefax No. (062) 214-4904

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