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EL Civics nutrition presentation : 

EL Civics nutrition presentation Kristi Reyes, MiraCosta College, Level 5 Sample

Food Diary: Yesterday’s Intake : 

Food Diary: Yesterday’s Intake

How my intake fulfills dietary requirements : 

How my intake fulfills dietary requirements

Evaluating My Nutritional Intake : 

Evaluating My Nutritional Intake I could eat less sugar because I ate a lot of sugar (in coffee, champurrado, and sweet tamale) and a lot of oil (on salad, margarine on fish and green beans. I could eat more dairy products. I usually eat more cheese. I use creamer in my coffee, but I never drink milk. I rarely eat yogurt, but I love ice cream.

Conclusion : 

Conclusion I think I have a healthy diet overall, but I believe I could change some habits: Eat less sugar Eat breakfast Drink more water Balance my diet Thanks for your attention!

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