Quality In Human Resource Management

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Slide 1: 

Quality Management System 2 WEEK 17April- 23April

Slide 2: 

Quality Concept Excellence Precise& Measurable Eyes of Be Holder Conformance/ Specification Trade of price- value

Slide 3: 

What is Quality Do the Right thing in the Right Time with Right process. Conformance with specification

Slide 4: 

Quality of Functional Areas Quality of Human Resource Quality of Marketing Quality of Operation Quality of Finance

Slide 5: 

Quality of Finance Preparing Balance sheet on Time. Compatible fiscal & monetary policy. Conformance Balance sheet with Budget.

Slide 6: 

Quality of Operation Minimize shutdown& Break down. Maximize efficiency, Effectiveness& Productivity. No Bottleneck. Minimize setup Time. Minimize Time handling. No waste of Material

Slide 7: 

Quality of Marketing Inexpensive Price High quality of product or service. High productivity of promotion. Right place& Time. High Supplementary service. High Facilitating Service.

Slide 8: 

Quality of Human Resource High Job Satisfaction. No Turnover. No Absenteeism. No deviant workplace behavior. High productivity. High Citizenship

Slide 9: 

Quality of Top Management Maintains Adopt Expansion Strategic Management. Maximize Revenue& Profit Information Resource Availability Maintain Organization Shine Image Adopt Hi-tech Tools Regulation& Law Employee Benefits Customer satisfaction Employee Involvement

Slide 10: 

Quality of Nutrition Adopt Hygiene Principles No Contamination Food Quality Hazard Analysis Speed Delivery Quality Of Communication Responsiveness Time Avoid Critical points

Slide 11: 

Quality In Hotels Courtesy Hospitality Quality of Bed Room Shine Image Cooperation Visitor Assistant Quality Of communication Fastness& Effectiveness

Slide 12: 

Quality Of Laboratories Accuracy In result Efficiency In work Preventive Maintenance Documentation process Best Equipments& calibration Professional staff Adopt Environmental health safety.

Slide 13: 

Quality Of Pharmacy All drugs are available Professional staff Drugs are arrangement Speed Responsiveness

Slide 14: 

Quality of Nursing Adopt environmental health safety Professional Staff Best Calibration communication Good Individual Appearance General appearance Best Equipments Attitude Knowledge

Slide 15: 

Quality Of Product Performance Features Reliability Conformance Primary Operating characteristics Bells and Whistles Ability to met specification Probability of malfunction or failure Durability How long product continues to provide value to customer

Slide 16: 

Serviceability Esthetics Perceived Quality Speed, courtesy, competence How product appeals to users Associations such as brand name Quality Of Product

Slide 17: 

Quality Of Service Tangibles Reliability Responsiveness Assurance Appearance of physical elements Dependable and accurate performance Competence, courtesy, credibility, security Promptness; helpfulness Empathy Easy access, good communication understanding of customer

Slide 18: 

Quality Of Service Module

Slide 19: 

Service Process Word of mouth Personal needs Past experience Expected service Perceived service Service Quality Dimensions Reliability Responsiveness Assurance Empathy Tangibles Service Quality Assessment 1. Expectations exceeded ES<PS (Quality surprise) 2. Expectations met ES~PS (Satisfactory quality) 3. Expectations not met ES>PS (Unacceptable quality)

Slide 20: 

Quality Equation Q= P/ E Q: Quality P: Performance E: Expectation poor Quality High Quality

Slide 21: 

Effect of poor Quality Low customer satisfaction Low productivity, sales & profit Delay in shipping Low morale of workforce More re-work, material & labor costs High repair costs High inspection costs

Slide 22: 

Dissatisfaction occurs Action No Action Public Action Private Action Seek correct directly from the firm Take legal action Complaint to business, private, or governmental agencies Stop buying the product or boycott the seller Warn friends about the product and /or seller Expressing Dissatisfaction

Slide 23: 

Cost Of Quality Prevention Detection Internal failure External failure Costs associated with operations or activities that keep failure from happening and minimise detection costs Costs incurred to ascertain the condition of a service to determine whether it conforms to quality standards Costs incurred to correct nonconforming work after delivery to the customer or to correct work that did not satisfy a customers specified needs Costs incurred to ascertain the condition of a service to determine whether it conforms to quality standards

Slide 24: 

Effect of High Quality Higher customer satisfaction Reliable products/services Less wastage costs Better efficiency of operations More productivity & profit Less Inspection costs Better morale of work force

Slide 25: 

Quality Feed Back Comment cards enclosed with warranty card when product is purchased Customer survey and questionnaire Toll-free phones Customer visits Customer focus groups Employee feedback Quarterly reports

Slide 26: 

Quality Obstacle Organization Structure & Departments Data’s & Facts For Effective Decisions Internal & External Customers-Dissatisfaction Empowerment & Teamwork Continuous Improvement

Slide 27: 

Total Quality Management Is the art of managing the whole to achieve excellence. OR Approach to doing business That attempt to maximize An organization Competitiveness

Slide 28: 

Total Quality Management Total Quality Management Made up of the whole (or) Complete. Degree of Excellence a product or service provides to the customer in present and future. Act , art, or manner of handling , controlling, directing, etc.

Slide 29: 

Total Quality Management Unity of purpose Customer Focus Strategically Based Freedom Through Control Obsession with Quality Scientific Approach Long-Term commitment Teamwork Continual process Education& Training

Slide 30: 

Strategically Based Total Quality organization Contain comprehensive strategic plan consist of Vision, Mission, broad objective For give sustainable competitive Advantage continually and for ever

Slide 31: 

Customer Focus The customer is the driver. External customer define the quality Of the product or service delivered. Internal customer help define the Quality of process, people, environment

Slide 32: 

Obsession with Quality Internal& External customer define the quality so that organization become Interested& obsessed with meeting or Exceeding this definition Good Enough is never Good enough

Slide 33: 

Scientific Approach Observe& Ask question Research, Data Collection Analysis& Synthesis Construct Hypothesis Test Hypothesis By Conducting Experiments Analysis Experiments all Result& Draw conclusion Hypothesis is true Hypothesis is False Report Result Think Again

Slide 34: 

Long-Term commitment TQM a whole new way of doing Business that requires an entirely new Corporate culture. Not interruptions efforts or short term Commitment

Slide 35: 

Team Work A group whose individual efforts result in a performance that is greater than the sum of the individual inputs.

Slide 36: 

Continual Process Improvement Describe the process. Standardize the process. Eliminate Errors in the process. Streamline the process. Reduce source of variation. Bring the process under statistical Control. 7. Improve the design of the process

Slide 37: 

Education& Training A Planned effort to facilitate the learning of job related knowledge, Skills, and behavior by employees

Slide 38: 

Freedom Through Control Employees Involvement in the process Increase the productivity but on another hand Top Management must Control the process

Slide 39: 

Unity Of purpose Internal Politics have no place in a total Quality management in the organization Rather Collaboration should be the Norm

Slide 40: 

Quality Function Deployment Design process in response to customer Needs, by translating what customer Wants into the organization produce

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Slide 42: 

Quality Management system Management system to direct and control an organization with regard to quality”

Slide 43: 

Essence of Conforming QMS Say what you do (document) Do what you say Check on the results Record what you did Act on the Difference Document Follow your plans& Procedure Document the Fact Analyze& Record, Document Take Correction Action, Document

Slide 44: 

The Benefits of a QMS Encourages active and effective leadership. Involves and empowers staff. Staff will clearly understand their responsibilities. Ensures consistency. Focuses on root cause of problems.

Slide 45: 

Structure for a Quality system Scope Normative Reference Terms& Definition

Slide 46: 

Scope Extent Of boundaries for Quality Management System& Define the process needed for the QMS& Their application throughout the Organization

Slide 47: 

Normative Reference statement covering separate documents referenced within the standard, unless otherwise stated, the most recent versions of the separate documents should be referenced.

Slide 48: 

Terms& Definition Audit Criteria Audit Scope Auditee Correction Action Policies, Procedures, Practice Extent Of Boundaries of an Audit Action taken to eliminate a detected nonconformity This is the organization being audited Internal Audit Audit performed by member of the organization itself

Slide 49: 

Quality Management System General Requirements for organization. Documentation processes. Quality Manual. Control of documents. Records

Slide 50: 

Management Responsibility Management Responsibility. Customer Focus. Quality Policy. Planning Responsibility, Authority, Communication Management Review

Slide 51: 

Resource Management Provision of Resource. Human Resource. Infrastructure. Work Environment

Slide 52: 

Product Realization Planning for product realization. Customer Related Process. Design& Development Purchasing Production& Service Provision Control Of Monitoring

Slide 53: 

Documentation Hierarchy Philosophy & Policy Principles & Strategy Practice Needed Documents Overall Manual Procedures & Processes Work Instructions & Forms

Slide 54: 

Documentation Main Frame Organization Name& logo Title Related To Document No Date of issues Revision Status Review/ Approval Sign Purpose Body Identify organizational ownership Name of document Cross- References ISO 9001 Identify the control Document Identify the control revision of document Support document control& applicability Signify authority& Control Describe intent of document Impart information or connected of document Main Frame

Slide 55: 

Measurements, Analysis& Improvement General Monitoring& Measurements Control of Nonconforming product Analysis Data Improvement

Slide 56: 

Quality Manual scope QMS organization Documented procedures Description QMS processes Quality Policy Quality Procedure Quality Objective

Slide 57: 

Quality Policy Management statement of the Organization overall intentions& direction with regards to quality

Slide 58: 

Quality Procedure Objective Scope Definition Process Related Documents

Slide 59: 

QMS Registration 2. Select the appropriate standard 1. Set the registration objective 3. Develop and implement the quality system 4. Select a third-party registrar and apply 5. Perform self-analysis audit 6. Submit quality manual for approval 7. Pre-assessment by registrar 8. Take corrective actions 9. Final assessment by registrar 10. Registration!

Slide 60: 

QMS Accreditation It means the formal approval by a specialized body an accreditation body – that a certification body is competent to carry out ISO 9001:2008 or ISO 14001:2004 certification in specified business sectors.

Slide 61: 

QMS Comprehensive Definition QMS is compromised of all the organizations policies, procedures, plans, resources, process And delineation of responsibility and authority, all deliberately to achieve product or service Quality levels consistent with customer satisfaction and the organization objective

Slide 62: 

Home Work Design employees& clients feedback form to your project. Establish quality Policy for your project. Establish Quality Procedure for your project. Establish Quality Manual For Your Project.

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