Tutorial for access to the virtual world


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Tutorial to access the virtual world of Remote Laboratory Experimentation of Federal University of Santa Catarina


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Access to Virtual World 3D:

Federal University of Santa Catarina Access to Virtual World 3D

Virtual Worlds:

Virtual Worlds 2 Virtual worlds can be viewed as a computational metaphor of the real world, containing people , places and objects with which they can interact. Campus UFSC in Araranguá

Access to the Virtual World:

Access to the Virtual World Download the Viewer: The Hippo OpenSim viewer is required to view the world. It is available in http :// goo.gl/ahZri Prerequisites : Quiktime player : available in http://w ww.apple.com/br/quicktime / NET Framework: available in http :// www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=17851 After you download and install, configure options : Go Preference > Edit > Login URL: http ://rexlab.ararangua.ufsc.br:9000 / First Name: visitante Last name: 1 Password: 123456 3

PowerPoint Presentation:


Access to educational material:

Access to educational material 5 Access to educational material in the first room on the left.

Access to educational material:

Access to educational material 6 Use the arrow keys to move the slides.

Access to the experiments:

Access to the experiments 7 You can interact with the experiments by the Electrical Box located in the front area outside of campus.

Hot keys:

Hot keys Moving Forward: W Moving back: S Move to left: The Move to right: D Fly: PageUp Landing: PageDown Turn the head: arrows 8

Contact Us:

Contact Us Site: http://rexlab.arararangua.ufsc.br/ Facebook: http://facebook.com/rexlabUFSC Twitter : @ rexlab_UFSC 9

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