Importance of REVE Chat Support in Ecommerce


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The world has come closer with the help of online interactions. REVE Chat provides live chat support, which is a part of such interaction where the agent and customer meet on a virtual platform and interact with each other.


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Importance of REVE Chat Support in Ecommerce:

Importance of REVE Chat Support in Ecommerce Through REVE Chat support, agents are directly connected to the online visitors on this virtual platform.

REVE Chat – Live Chat Support:

REVE Chat – Live Chat Support A live chat is a virtual platform which provides one-to-one communication with the clients who appear online. Add live chat to website , which allows the customer to get guided or interacted by the customer support agent on the website.

How to Get Live Chat Support?:

How to Get Live Chat Support? Live chat support is a paid service. But before the client purchases it, they can enjoy the free trial period of the software. During this period, the client understands the benefits of the live chat support and gets accustomed to it. He can get signed up for the support by filing in details. He is allotted 14 days for a free trial. Later on, he may decide the commercial plan to buy according to his needs after the expiry of the free trial period.

Features of Live Chat Support:

Features of Live Chat Support There are various benefits of the support. It includes provision of real time visitor information, proactive chat, and analytics of visitor, integration of more than one website at a time, chat monitoring and maintenance of chat history. One can also customize the chat window according to his need and likings.


Setup and Installation The setup and installation is so easy that even a non technical person can do it successfully. The software required for live chat is complete. Therefore, one does not require any additional software for the same. The chat can be initiated either by the agent or the customer visiting the website. Agent can see the visitors present on the dashboard at a specific time. Here he can send the request for chat to the visitor of the website. The customer can also interact with agent by initiating the chat.


Security Measures In present time where ‘internet’ and ‘online’ are the most common words in life, cyber crimes are mushrooming in equal proportion at the same time. REVE Chat is watchful on its security measures wherein the chat conversations are encrypted. Due to this, none can intercept them. The software ensures full protection of chatting and interactions.


Many people opt for internet as a tool for retrieving information or purchasing anything in the market. It is crucial to hold their interest and satisfy their queries while they make the business flourish online. Live chat support achieves this goal. Summary


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