Why Online Business should have REVE Chat


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https://www.revechat.com/support - REVE Chat is powerful and intuitive live chat support customer service software that helps in increase sales and leads generation either for small or large businesses and enables to track online visitors directly connect with customer support assistance to solve their queries and provide what they are looking for?


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Why Online Business should have REVE Chat?

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Click to call (Voice / Video) Chat Whispering Provides Queuing number for online visitors Advanced reporting Visitors Analytics Multiple Website Integration Provides Real Time Visitor Information Chat Monitoring Here is Some Reasons:

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REVE Chat provides browser based voice / video call feature so that visitors can talk or video chat with the agents from the website itself 1. Click to Call (Voice / Video)

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2. Chat Whispering A Team lead or website chat admin can see and monitor what other agents are chatting with their visitors and can guide the agents in case if the conversations are not clear (visitors would not be able to see this. This will be between agent and admin)

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3. Queuing Feature on REVE Chat If there are many visitors and less agents, visitors would see a queue number on chat widget. This will inform them how many are in queue and how much of estimated time they have to wait before agent responds. This will help the visitors to get better understanding of event rather than no idea how long they will have to wait before they get served

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4. Advanced Reporting Visitors Analytics REVE Chat provides comprehensive reporting features to get complete understanding and analysis of visitor journey when they are on the website. Including where they come from, what pages they browsed on website, previous chat history etc. This is not available in many other chat providers

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5. Multiple Website Integration REVE Chat facilitate you to integrate the chat button in multiple websites. So, from your dashboard you can manage multiple chat sessions in multiple websites.

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REVE Chat enable Website Chat admin to know online customers by their location and IP address also and provide them more personalized support. 6. Provides Real Time Visitor Information

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6. Chat Monitoring Add live chat software to your website to monitor your customers behavior and check conversations detail between your website visitors and customer support agents in real-time

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Get Latest Updates on REVE Chat www.facebook.com/REVEChatSolutions https://twitter.com/REVEChat www.linkedin.com/company/reve-chat https://plus.google.com/100056690995816219014/about www.revechat.com/support

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