Everything you Need to Know about Vitreomacular Traction

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Everything You Need To Know About Vitreomacular Traction VTM is the shorter version for Vitreomacular Traction. This can be a problem due to the way it hinders vision in one eye. You don’t want your other eye to have to compensate for it. This type of issue is common especially in older women. However it can affect both genders and it can occur at a younger age. Other factors including overall health and injuries can increase the risk. While it sounds awful more people deal with this issue than you may imagine. It is a very common eye concern. The key is to talk to your eye care professional immediately if you ever experience any changes in vision. They can confirm what the underlying cause is and take necessary action. The solution can range from just keeping a close eye on the situation to a surgical procedure. There are many variables that have to be addressed to make that determination. The expertise of your eye doctor the assessment during the exam and your unique scenario will all influence their decision. Common Symptoms The symptoms a person can experience with Vitreomacular Traction can vary. A person may have just one symptom while another has all of them. The severity of the symptoms depend on the underlying cause and how long it has taken place. Don’t ignore any of these symptoms as that allows the situation to get worse when it could have been resolved. Blurred or distorted vision is the most common symptom experienced. Some individuals find that their vision is gritty when this first begins. It is definitely more than just your eyes getting older as you age. You may start to notice lines that are wavy. Another common symptom is flashes of light that affect your vision.

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These can be dangerous as they can affect your perception. They can put you at a higher risk for a fall. They can also put you at risk when you perform various tasks such as driving a vehicle or performing various duties of your job. You never want to compromise your safety or that of those around you Sometimes VTM can cause you to see objects but they appear to be smaller than they really are. This can also increase the risk of an injury or an accident. Various types of testing and scanning of the eyes can be done without any pain or discomfort to you. This is to confirm a diagnosis of VTM. If it is ruled out the tests can help your provider find out what is causing those symptoms. Understanding The Eye To get a better idea of VTM you need to understand the basics of the eye design. The middle area of the eye is filled with a gel like substance called vitreous. This is a clear gel and it is attached to the retina and the macula thanks to numerous microscopic fibers. However as a person gets older or due to certain health concerns the amount of gel shrinks. It can also result in the microfibers pulling away from the retina and the macula. Sometimes it will result in a complete detachment from the retina. At the very least the changes taking place can cause problems with vision. The good news is you don’t have to just deal with it. Talk to your eye doctor if anything is out of the ordinary so they can complete a full examination. An excellent eye doctor is going to fully explain your situation to you. They are going to use simple terms not those relating to modern medicine. They want you to be informed about the situation and what needs to be done. They are going to share with you what they feel is the best solution. Listen to what they have to say and if you have questions get them answered. About Us: Your vision is too important to trust to just anyone. Retina Surgeon offers the best techniques and skilled technicians to help you. It doesn’t matter if you were referred to us by someone you know or your own eye doctor. Perhaps you are looking for a second opinion. We want you to feel comfortable asking questions and to be well informed about your options. Contact us for a consultation and to learn more about our procedures at https://www.retinasurgeon.uk.com. Our reputation speaks volumes about what we offer and how we treat our patients. It is important to take care of your vision needs as early as possible. Quality care can aid you with healing and improving your vision.

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