Recommendations for Anyone Having Macular Hole Surgery

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Mahi Muqit is a member of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists, a member of the British and Eire Association of Vitreoretinal Surgeons and the UK and Ireland Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons. To find out more, visit :


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Recommendations for Anyone Having Macular Hole Surgery Being told you need eye surgery is not something anyone wants to hear. Having someone work on your eye is probably one of the most scariest experiences as you want to ensure your eye sights is good when the surgery is over. There are numerous risks associated with eye surgery of any type including macular hole surgery which is why there are numerous recommendatons you may want to have a look at to ensure you can have your surgery with complete peace of mind. The frst recommendaton before you make any arrangements for your surgery is to make sure you are informed. Your surgeon should have sat you down and explained the surgery to you in detail. Macular hole surgery is a day case surgery but stll a very complex surgery which is why you should ask questons ensuring you have all the answers regarding the risks involved over and above the risk of infecton and the expected outcome. Ensure you understand the recovery process as macular hole surgery is known to be quite a long and drawn out recovery process Its imperatve you understand the process and how long you can be expected of work afer the surgery has been completed. Remember that this recovery requires you spend a lot of your tme facing downwards enabling the soluton or gas which has been placed at the back of your eye to take shape. More informaton is provided a litle lower down on the page. It is so important that you follow the recovery instructons to ensure the best end result. With macular hole surgery you will be required to use eye drops every few hours. Its essental you follow all the recovery notes to the leter to hep you recover faster and enjoy improved sight without delay. Any problems you experience afer surgery should not go ignored. If you suddenly start experiencing more pain or you see fashes of light and your peripheral vision is distorted or you feel exhausted its important to advise your surgeon immediately. Light fashes and peripheral vision loss are signs of retnal detachment which is an emergency eye treatment that your surgeon will want to repair immediately to ensure your sight remains in good conditon moving forward.

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Macular hole surgery is usually referred to as a vitrectomy. This is quite a detailed process but can be carried out quickly. This means good news you will enjoy recovering at home surrounded by your familiar comforts. In fact its been proven that recovery is improved in patents who are able to go home. The surgery requires you arrive at the suggested tme of the day for your appointment. Here you will complete some forms and nurses will prepare you for surgery. Full details of the surgery will be discussed along with the risks involved ensuring you are aware of any potental problems. Once prepared your anaesthetst will give your medicaton.. This may be a local anaesthetc with light sedaton keeping you relaxed and ensuring the surgeon can work without any issues. From here you will be moved into the operatng theatre where you will be welcomed by your macular hole surgeon and a team of theatre nurses. They will work alongside the surgeon helping him with the process. Once the surgery is completed you will be moved to a recovery suite your chosen contact will be informed what tme they can collect you. In recovery you will be given something to eat and drink and ensures you are fully awake. Your recovery instructons will be given to you along with the essental medicaton you will need. You now go home recovery and start enjoying your sight. About Us : Mahi Muqit is a leading consultant ophthalmologist cataract and vitreoretnal surgeon at two private clinics in London United Kingdom. He provides patents with superior service and support with a range of surgical procedures to meet their eye sight requirements. He has built up a solid reputaton for his eye services in the London area as an expert eye doctor and surgeon ofering surgical retna medical retna and complex cataract surgery. He also ofers surgery to patents sufering from diabetc retnopathy. Mahi Muqit is a member of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists a member of the Britsh and Eire Associaton of Vitreoretnal Surgeons and the UK and Ireland Society of Cataract and Refractve Surgeons. To fnd out more visit : htps://

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