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Mr Mahi Muqit PhD FRCOphth is a Consultant Ophthalmologist, Cataract and Vitreoretinal Surgeon at the world famous Moorfields Eye Hospital in London. He runs a private practice at both Moorfields Private and at 119 Harley Street in London. Consultations are provided for UK and international patients with cataracts, floaters, medical retina conditions, and surgical retina conditions. He uses the latest Femtosecond cataract surgery and stitch-free vitrectomy technology. Emergency consultations and surgery can be arranged for sight-threatening conditions such as retinal detachment and eye trauma. In the world-class centres at Moorfields and Harley Street, Mahi Muqit provides second opinions for patients and personally performs all surgery himself. Visit : or call : 077-1720-3564


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Vitreoretinal Surgery for Children While it doesn’t happen as often for children there can be some serious eye issues that require immediate care. When vitreoretinal surgery for children has to be conducted it is vital it is in the hands of a qualified surgeon. Find someone with experience on children and make sure they have the smaller instruments to make it happen. Those used for adults are too large to get the job done. Every effort will be taken to resolve the issue without going this route. When that is the only option the surgeon will carefully go over the reasoning with you. They will share with you what to expect and why it is no advised to put off the surgery. As a parent it can be scary and upsetting for you. However it should be reassuring to know it will help your child.

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Get the Facts Talk openly with the surgeon about vitreoretinal surgery and what all it entails. You need to get the facts ask questions and know what the procedure is going to involved. This will allow you to get your child ready for what will take place. You can answer the questions your child may have or you can let them sit in when you talk to the surgeon and they can ask them directly. It often depends on the age and the comfort level of the child. Some are more independent and curious than others. Sometimes talking to the surgeon can help them to put fears aside. You need to remain calm and be encouraging though. Children pick up from the emotions of their parents and if you are scared they will be as well. While there is a risk with all types of surgical procedures it is very minimal to your child undergoing vitreoretinal surgery. However they do need to share with you the pros and cons of the procedure. They will only encourage you to have the procedure done for your child if the benefits do outweigh the risks. Prepare them for the Procedure As the day for the procedure gets closer make sure your child is well prepared for it. Talk to them about the recovery process too so they know what will take place when they return home. Follow the instructions of the surgeon to prepare them beforehand. They will be put under in most instances with a local anesthesia for vitreoretinal surgery. The procedure shouldn’t take more than an hour and you will be asked to wait in the reception area. Once your child is taken into the recovery area you should be able to go see them and sit with them. The duration of time they will need to stay there depends on their vital signs and recovery from the anesthesia. Anticipate a couple of hours but each case will vary. After Care Make sure you fully understand how to care for your child after vitreoretinal surgery. If you don’t follow those steps the results can be hindered. This can result in additional procedures being necessary. If anything is out of the ordinary make sure you contact the surgeon immediately. Keep all follow up appointments so they can verify proper healing. Most children do very well through the vitreoretinal surgery procedure and recovery. This can help them to see well to have less stress on their eyes and to have a future with healthy eyes they can rely on into adulthood. They should still continue to get annual checkups so anything that may be an issue can be addressed early on. Great vision is a wonderful gift to give your child

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