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360° Customer Capture - Enabling Retailers to Deliver a Complete Shopping Experience. Now! TechVista provides a unified approach that reduces complexity for Retailers, allowing them to focus on connecting with customers and empowering their employees across all channels that allows them the flexibility necessary to respond quickly to the needs of your customers. TechVista empowers Retailers to deliver a complete shopping experience – personal, seamless, and differentiated – by helping them create a complete 360-degree view of the customer.


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360° Customer Capture Enabling Retailers to Deliver a Complete Shopping Experience. Now

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Your Customers of Today and Tomorrow Understanding the Customers’ Journey Infusing Customer Insights into the Business Challenges for Retailers TechVista’s 360° Customer Capture Solution Enabling Retail Channels Enabling Retail Functions Enabling Retail Operations Enabling 360° Customer Views 360° Customer Capture Benefits Summary About TechVista Systems 1 3 5 6 7 7 9 10 10 10 11 12 Table Of Contents

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www.techvistasystems.qa 1 Your Customers of Today and Tomorrow Connected Empowered and Informed Today’s consumers are more empowered than ever through an always on always connected devices creating a digital persona. These tech-savvy consumers are taking charge of their shop- ping experience using their preferred devices and channels to become more informed and empowered before they even engage with Retailers. This leads to a much more complex relation- ship between Retailer and consumer as consumers expect each point of engagement with a Retailer to be connected and consistent. The boundaries between virtual and physical space are becoming blurred in this Omni-channel environment. The focus of the retail experience has expanded well beyond the walls of the Retail- ers’ physical store and can include multiple channels such as catalogs call centers mobile com- merce online and social networks—as a result shoppers are engaging with Retailers and prod- ucts in so many more ways than they did in the past. When we come to think of customers being ‘socially connected’ we generally limit ourselves to considering Facebook Twitter Pinterest Instagram and a couple of more social channels Figure 1 : Your Customer - Connected Empowered and Informed

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2 to be impacting their lives and importantly purchase decisions. However the social media landscape is even bigger. The below illustration developed by Biran Solis and coined as The Conversation Prism gives a visual map of the dominant and promising social networks that impact the everyday lives of individuals your customers. Here are some critical statistics about your customers to keep in mind as you read through the compel- ling information below: • 86 of consumers will pay more for a better customer experience 1 • 56 of consumers research a brand on Facebook before purchasing 2 • 90 of consumers regularly research products online before buying them 3 • 23 of brick and mortar sales are influenced by their website 4 • 75 of consumers said product information found on social channels influenced their shopping behavior and enhanced brand loyalty 5 • 74 of customers leave if a website doesn’t load on their smartphone in 5 seconds 6 • 71 of customers go online first whenever they have a problem with a product 7 While challenging it’s not bad news for Retailers. If handled correctly the new digital landscape provides opportunities to engage with consumers as never before. And as we shall see figure 3 with the right approach leveraging enabling technologies Retailers can be a proactive force in communicating engag- ing and capturing the customer’s attention and their business. Figure 2 : The Conversation Prism www.techvistasystems.qa

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Understanding the Customers’ Journey Customers Create a Digital Footprint through Touch Points with your Organization Unlike the traditional customer engagement cycle of the past - one that begins with awareness moves through consideration and evaluation and concludes with a purchase decision the customer journey is now dynamic and constitutes a non-linear funnel in which they constantly seek more information evaluate an array of alternatives find out reviews interact socially with others and all instantaneously and in real-time. These digital touch points the consumers are exposed to are always accessible and always on. As the above comparative figures make readily apparent customers are creating touch points with the enterprise through POS CRM Call Centre web and mobile platforms as well as social interactions through social channels in the forms of likes sharing posting andbrand/product engagements for purposes ranging from product searches information gathering price comparisons reviews ratings purchases and sharing feedback. Figure 3 : Traditional Customer Lifecycle Figure 4 : Digital Customer Lifecycle 3 www.techvistasystems.qa

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This digital footprint opens up a wide channel of opportunities for Retailers to build a knowledge repository of customer data around sentiments behaviors and insights. A complete customer picture can be derived from linking the customer’s transaction histories interaction histories and insights gleaned from across a Retailer’s multiple brands or business units and channels as never before. Additionally customer data is also derived from the customer’s online and social media footprint providing contextual information in the form of “likes” “sharing” and positive or negative feedback. Combined along with syndicated data in the form of demographics gender discretionary income etc. provides the Retailer with a very detailed picture of a customer’s buying potential behavior sentiment and predilection towards a given lifestyle product line and even sensitivity to price ranges. The figure below highlights the opportunity at hand. Innovations such as Big Data-based ‘listening’ and ‘sentiment mining’ take our customer view to a whole different level of granularity and clarity. Now it is possible to read millions of conversations taking place simultaneously across multiple online forums. For enhanced understanding of customer behavior customer insights can be combined with the customer’s core profile. Actionable insights can be generated from contact center transcripts and notes blogs and other social media surveys news and other articles complaints received via web forms email online forums online chat ses- sions and customer service notes and instant messaging logs. With a continuous digital feedback loop in place – in real-time – not only can Retailers engage maintain and support more meaningful dialogue with consumers 24 by 7 they can support an efficient supply chain manage inventory optimization more effectively throughout the supply chain and deploy sophisticated models for price and profitability optimization. Figure 5 : 360 o View of Customers 4 www.techvistasystems.qa

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Infusing Customer Insights into the Business Harvesting useful insights from such a holistic knowledge repository opens new frontiers for customer engagement. A powerful set of analytical tools built on top of the customer capture repository can help Retailers infuse customer insights into their merchandising marketing e-Commerce mobile social and in-store business processes in several ways such as: • Running more accurate targeted marketing campaigns across channels or for micro-segments to identify context-driven next-best-action • Tracking and nurturing a customer across brands and channels reducing churn by establishing ‘reconnections’ • Leveraging customer insights-based localized assortments in-store dynamic pricing and customized promotions • Proactively responding to life events such as ‘getting engaged’ or ‘relocating’ through targeted communications on relevant products and services • Providing ‘right recommendation’ on new products based on current customer location—near a store or in an aisle Figure 6 : Shopper Insights 5 www.techvistasystems.qa

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Challenges for Retailers According to a Forrester report the customers of 2025 would follow a complex purchasing model deploying all the touch-points and would increase in their demand of an Omni-channel experience from pre-purchase to post-purchase phases. As the above Forrester research suggests consumers will increasingly move to a digital purchasing engagement taking advantage of ease of use always on and convenient “on their terms” purchasing experiences. Your competitors will be hard at work to position their platforms to support the new customer realities as well. However successfully engaging customers will not be an easy task. At a minimum it requires Retailers to: • Manage consistent master data for customers products marketing and locations across channels • Leverage real-time demand generation and fulfillment data across channels • Establish enterprise inventory visibility and multiple fulfillment capabilities • Link marketing and merchandising along customer-centric lines • Create localized/personalized experiences through product marketing and other touch points • Utilize business intelligence—including predictive analytics and data visualization—to quickly identify actionable insights – a 360° real-time view of your customers Figure 7 : Source - Forrester profiling the Multichannel Customer July 2009 6 www.techvistasystems.qa

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TechVista’s Solution for 360° Customer Capture TechVista provides a unified approach that reduces complexity for Retailers allowing them to focus on connecting with customers and empowering their employees across all channels that allows them the flexibility necessary to respond quickly to the needs of your customers. TechVista empowers Retailers to deliver a complete shopping experience – personal seamless and differentiated – by helping them create a complete 360-degree view of the customer. TechVista assembles the right solutions for Retailers that include point of purchase marketing and customer care as well as customer centric business intelligence models that enable real-time visibili- ty of customer touch-points and interactions. TechVista also provides a holistic view of the Retail value chain that include front and back office capabilities like store ops order management supply chain management product lifecycle management and procurement as well as financials for an end-to-end support model that addresses all elements that impact the customer experience. Enabling Retail Channels We have you covered – from a Single channel to Omni-channel from front office to back office from designing your customer touch programs and driving purchase transactions - all the while gathering data on those transactions so that you can digest and analyze the data understand your customer’s key buying drivers and convert this critical information into actionable tasks to capture greater and greater wallet share. Figure 8 : TechVista’s Centers of Excellence 7 www.techvistasystems.qa

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TechVista helps you leverage upon a CRM that enables you to setup and automate your programs and processes that nurture customer satisfaction and loyalty in areas of sales marketing and customer care. Our 360 degree approach drives sales productivity and marketing effectiveness through social insights and segmented and targeted campaign management. Program The retail operations func- tions enable you to centrally manage and effectively transact your customer interactions across an Omni-channel environment. An integrated commerce engine manages all channels of a Retailers business POS e-commerce Call Center Marketing Social and gives control across all channels. Transact Business Intelligence models dashboards and reports enable you to action on the data being captured across all channels that provide critical insights into your customers which in turn help you make better decisions about your brand and products. Get the insights on how where when your customers shop so that you can interact with them in a meaningful way to help drive greater transaction volumes more profitably. Analyze Figure 9 : Retail Functions 8 www.techvistasystems.qa

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Enabling Retail Functions through Business Technology You Already Use Manage many-to-many touch points to achieve unprecedented customer centricity while also being able to create new and compelling customer engagement and loyalty scenarios. The following building blocks are employed as the foundation for a 360° Customer Capture framework. Point of Sale POS Superior store systems consoli- dates customers’ purchase intelli- gence such as sales history trans- action details and wish list and provides the right information at the right time for sales associates to better guide and recommend their customers based on purchase patterns and preferences. • Transaction Gift Loyalty Processing • Cash and drawer management • Customer data capture Purchase History Wish list Recommenda tions • Inventory Receipt Reporting Stock Counts • Clientelling • Beacon technology Marketing Easily plan execute and measure campaigns from start to finish. Bring your marketing vision to life—engage customers with personalized multi-channel cam- paigns build pipeline and demon- strate the impact of your marketing. • Content Management • Execution Planning • Campaign Nurturing and Automation • Media Buying and Planning • Spend Management • Digital and Closed Loop Couponing e-commerce Take your e-commerce strategy to the next level with a fully integrated online storefront with search-based technology that offers accurate timely consistent performance. • Web Content Management and Site Development • Destination based taxation • Reserve and collect • Dynamic Refiners and Recommendations • Real-time Inventory Updates and Catalogue Management • Shopping Cart Payments Contact Center Use the Contact or Call Center for order entry order processing and order fulfillment. Retailers can offer mail order catalogs to their custom- ers and manage this streamlined channel. • Case and Claim management • Contact Center Self-Serve Mobile Chat • Portals Social Knowledge Base Social In today’s social and mobile world businesses need to move faster and share knowledge more broadly than ever before. They also need to connect to customers on their terms which means including social channels in your omni-channel strategy. Social insights can facilitate amaz- ing customer experiences ensuring that messages resonate while highlighting trends that impact your brand. • Implement promotions discounts coupons and more via social sites • Monitor publish content knowledge management brand awareness • Social listening sentiment collection 9 www.techvistasystems.qa

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Enabling Retail Operations Enabling 360° Customer Views Achieve real-time operational excellence and insights by connecting your warehousing stores online business POS and head office. 
 Some key benefits your Customer Capture program will include: 1. Capture relevant data on your customers in real-time 2. Develop a holistic view of your customer’s sentiment around brand and products 3. Position targeted campaigns advertisement promotion and couponing at critical points in the buying cycle to maximize sales and profits 4. Maintain a meaningful dialogue with your customers at any touch point throughout the customer experience 5. Develop insights around how your enterprise can better support the customer experience 6. Maximize product process and pricing efficiencies through captured sentiment and both positive and negative feedback 7. Maintain a constant presence with your customers - 24 by 7 around the globe – without the added cost and reliance of investing in both brick and mortar structures and human capital investments Bringing together a range of sources and complex data in a meaningful way requires a comprehen- sive data model as well as analysis and reporting. This combination ensures support at the strategic and tactical level for marketing communications as well as operations. TechVista helps Retailers integrate all of their efforts to get a holistic view of its customers. It takes the data you are capturing across all your channels combines it with data from other data sources and synthesizes this into visualizations and actionable models to drive your business forward and turn insight into sales. Our models and dashboard templates present a wealth of insights and opportuni- ties to engage your customers more meaningfully – in real-time - with greater context and results. We provide the data you need at your fingertips providing you with the right information at the right time helping you to convert insights into profits. Get to know your customers better through the collection and use of actionable data. 360° Customer Capture Benefits Store Operations TechVista can help you track inventory real time maintain accounts receivables keep customers coming back through targeted customer loyalty programs save time
by maintaining labor records track layaways track work orders back orders sales orders quotes and much more: • Statements and cash reconciliation 
 • POS Profile UI Management 
 • Loyalty Execution and Program Management 
 • Pricing Promotions and Offer Management 
 • Store configuration and Assortment Management 
 Supply Chain Management To have control you need to have a real time view of your business and products. And with control you can manage your people processes and product lifecycle more efficiently. With this you will get a better handle on costs ensure happier customers and ultimately greater profits. • Buying • Replenishment • Order Management • Warehouse Transportation Logistics 10 www.techvistasystems.qa

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Summary The new empowered mobile consumer armed with real-time social connection - quite literally in hand - has changed the relationship between the Retailer and customer forever. There is no turning back. It is a world that is always on and operating in the “now.” As all the statistics and indicators are availing Retailers must seize the moment dive into the effort of deploying enabling technologies to help them keep up if they have any hopes of staying relevant competitive and positioned for growth. This can only be done by engaging consumers where they are – more and more you will find them permeating across the digital landscape both interacting within your organization’s reach and outside it. TechVista can help you devise a 360° Customer Capture program to help you achieve a continuous real-time and relevant dialogue with your customers…not later but now. To understand more about deploying “THE” essential solution for today’s competitive landscape contact TechVista today 11 www.techvistasystems.qa

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About TechVista Systems TechVista serves fortune 2000 companies across the US and around the globe and is a strategic technology partner for some of the world’s best-known retail brands. We enable our customers to execute on their vision through enabling technologies global teams and the most stable talent pool in the industry. Over the last two decades TechVista has engineered high performing and cost-ef- fective solutions for the retail vertical. TechVista’s Services TechVista is a full service professional consulting firm – from solution selection to planning and design to customization and configuration to implementation training and ongoing support. This means getting the right business solution from a single partner who understands how your business works. TechVista’s consultants help businesses around the world maximize return on investment in their technology. This means helping with deploying and optimizing IT as well as helping business move forward with IT initiatives that deliver the greatest business value at the lowest possible cost of ownership. As a preferred technology partner we offer a number of options to organizations inter- ested in enabling retail solutions deployment development and integration as well as supplemental support of their current systems. TechVista’s Solutions TechVista provides tailored solutions to address the critical scenarios that drive retailing today while making it possible to innovate and be ready for the future. So Retailers can focus on what matters most – connecting with customers engaging in relevant and meaningful conversation around your brand and products and providing better customer experiences. TechVista supports the 360° Customer Capture framework with the following: 1. We solution configure and integrate CRM e-Commerce Mobile POS and other Retail solutions. 2. We design and build a knowledge repository that captures customer sentiments both structured and unstructured data. 3. We build information stores that are designed to handle complex modeling to make sense out of your data understand customer sentiment buying patterns and interactions both with your enterprise as well as within the world of social media. 1 CEI Survey: Customer Experience: Is it the Chicken or the Egg Forbes 2 Retail TouchPoints 2012 and Integrated Retailer.com 2012 3 Retail TouchPoints 2012 and Integrated Retailer.com 2012 4 Multichannel Pressures Drive Optimized Merchandizing” Gartner Inc. December 6 2011 5 The New Digital Divide: www.deloitte.com/us/DigitalInfluence 6 How One Second Could Cost Amazon 1.6 Billion In Sales – Fast Company March 15th 2012 7 WebPro News: Twitter Facebook Becoming Popular Tools for Customer Service May 2012 Sources 12 www.techvistasystems.qa

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