7 Market Trends for Investment Banking in India

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7 Market Trends for Investment Banking in India Investment Banking has emerged as a profitable market since the 19th century when European banks had first set up their trading business in India. In 1970s SBI started with investment banking in India and with its establishment other national banks also came forward and joined this investment banking business. In the 1990’s investment banking became one of the most preferred industries in India. Market trend describes the upward and downward movement of the financial market for a period of time. Below are mentioned 7 market trends for investment banking in India: 1. Regulation: Regulations of banking course in India will help in the flourishing of boutique investment banks. This helps lure the senior bankers having cultural advantages. Growth of the banks will not be

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permanent and mainly rely on the financial abilities of the more prominent banks. 2. Focus on the Customer: Banks need to focus on their customers and utilize their ideas and knowledge not only to retain but also grow their return through effective cross-sell. Banks have now realized that putting customers first will help in better growth and will be successful with happy and thriving customers. 3. Investing in Technology: Investments in technology will be critical but the right technological investments can completely transform creating a new path for the future and citizens of India are ready for meaningful changes. 4. A Shift in the Workforce: Shift in the workplace will also have an impact on the people work in investment banking. For example ATMs have resulted in up-gradation of transactional tasks. Automation has helped in elevating jobs. 5. Infrastructure: Infrastructure schemes and programs that the companies are coming up with has caught the attention of investors. Real-estate and energy-related infrastructure investment will make a significant impact on the future of investment banking in the country. 6. Consumption Growth: Indian will be the fifth-largest economy and third-largest consumption country in the world in next two years. Various international companies will fund companies in India as India will always be an attractive market. 7. Future Generations: With time traditional ways of banking will be replaced by new technology population infrastructure analytics customer experience AI etc. India must be open to accept these technological advancements to gain more profits. Original Source: https://bit.ly/2kGgDFy

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