Three Emerging Trends in Investment Banking in India

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Three Emerging Trends in Investment Banking in India India has been a very attractive market for the investment banking since its inception from the late 19th century having many bullish rallies over the due course of time. Nonetheless let us now focus on the three emerging trends that are defining the Investment Banking in the sub-continent. The Technology Infrastructure: India leading the IT services revolution at the turn of this century has been the biggest boon for the development and influence of advanced technology infrastructure for all the sectors in the sub-continent. Investment banking is no different. Recent technological developments in artificial intelligence big data analytics machine learning have resulted in sophisticated IT assets which help the investment banks to oversee their past current and future business opportunities in a better way. Given that most of these banks are ROI driven emphasis is given to make these IT assets appreciate in value over time. The Regulations: With the recent shift towards the advanced IT assets from the technology there have been new wave of regulations put in place to govern and protect the interests and of all the stakeholders. For instance new regulations have been implemented by the

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respective governmental bodies on the cyber-security e-trading digitization etc. In other words the technological developments have been influencing the formation and implementation of new regulations. The Workforce: With the advanced technology in place there is a shift observed in the workforce. For instance the more traditional transaction functions are replaced by AI Systems which were previously under the purview of the human assets of the organization and these human assets are now moved towards more of analytical and managerial roles. Technological development has been a significant influence on every aspect of investment banking. And these trends which are currently seen and projected for the future with greater impacts are the proof of it. Original source:

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