Amazing Facts About the Indian Navy That We All Must Know

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The lives and stories of our armed forces inspire us and motivate us to contribute the best to our country. If you want to join the Indian Navy in future, then here are some interesting facts about the force that you must know before stepping into the field.


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Amazing Facts About the Indian Navy That We All Must Know As citizens of the country we all are grateful to India’s coastal defence line for their amazing dedication and protection that they provide us with aren’t we It is certainly the most fascinating job hence many young students dream to be a part of this armed force one day. Of course it also involves various risks too but the respect and work that you get to live are all worth it. As any other navy force in the world the primary objective of the Indian Navy is also to ensure the

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security of national maritime borders along with being a crucial part of disaster relief missions ports visits humanitarian missions etc. There is no doubt that we all are awestruck by the men in uniform and wish to live their lives one day. If you are also planning to join Indian Navy recruitment 2019 then there are some interesting facts that you must know before you become a part of this team. Read further to know those facts: ● We can trace the roots of Indian navy back to the 17th century. The naval fleet was established under the name of East India Company’s Marine in 1612 by British East Indian Company and was later called the Royal Indian Navy. Soon after independence in 1950 it was renamed as Indian Navy. The motto of our naval force is ‘Sham No Varuna ḥ’ which is a Sanskrit term and means “may the Lord of the water be auspicious unto us. ● Surprisingly Navy Day is not celebrated on the date when it was founded but on the day when it successfully executed Operation Trident. On the night of December 4-5 1971 Indian Navy attacked the naval Headquarters of Pakistan in Karachi using anti-ship missiles. There was no loss to India but Pakistan lost a minesweeper fuel storage tanks a destroyer an ammunition supply ship. Therefore

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Indian Navy Day marks the success of this operation on December 4. ● Here is another reason to be proud of our Navy force. Saagar Pawan is one of the only two naval aerobatic teams in the world. It was called Sagar Kiran initially and began the training in late 2001. Although the work-up was quite informal at that time in 2002 it gained formal drive and was renamed as Sagar Pawan. It is based at Naval Air Station INS Hansa in Dabolim Goa. The other aerobatic team in the world is Blue Angels of the US Navy. ● The first mission of the Indian Navy was Operation Vijay against the Portuguese Navy in 1961 during the liberation of Goa. The ships of the force were positioned outside the Marmagao port. The INS Betwa and INS Beas were used in the action which were also the part of an advance force. ● Marine Commando also known as MARCOS is a special force of Indian Navy which is similar to Para unit of Army. They are trained for amphibious warfare direct action counter-terrorism and special reconnaissance. They take the pride of being one of the most efficient and distinguished forces across the world. Due to the rigorous training that they are

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required to undertake so that they can carry the operation on any terrain the dropout rate is 90. They are also called as’Jal Murgi’ and ‘Magarmachh’ for their speed and amphibious capabilities. They are also the only non-Sikh personnel who are allowed to grow a beard thereby referred to as ‘Dadiwala Fauj’ by terrorist groups. Captivating right This is not over yet. There is a long list of some intriguing facts and all of them are just as gripping as others. We are sure that you want to hear more and more about this excellent armed force that we call the Indian Navy. Somehow we all feel worthless when we listen about them and witness their work and dedication. But if you think that you have the enthusiasm and spirit than ​Join Indian Navy Recruitment 2019 and start preparing now physically and mentally to be a part of this force.

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