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it can help you to know about the web browsers we are using whenever we surf Net.


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Web Browser

What is a Web Browser??:

What is a Web Browser?? It’s a software application for retrieving, presenting & traversing information resources on the world wide web.

Year of Release of Major Web browsers::

Year of Release of Major Web browsers:


Contd…. 1996- IE 3, Opera 1997- IE 4 1998- IE 5 Beta version 1999- IE 5 2000- Opera4, Opera5 2001- IE 6, Opera6 2004- Firefox 1.0 2005- Safari 2.0, Opera 8 2006- IE 7, Opera 9 2008- Chrome 1 2009- IE 8, Chrome 3, Firefox 3.5 2010- Firefox 3.6, Chrome 4&5, Safari5, Opera10.5

Percentage of usage of browsers:

Percentage of usage of browsers

Web Browsers features are:-:

Web Browsers features are:- Tabbed browsing Modern web pages with HTML, CSS, SSL, and JavaScript Cookies and cookie management Plug-in and Java Ad blocking and/or pop-up blocking Download Managers Integrated Search Favorites/Bookmarks and import

Components of a Web Browser:-:

Components of a Web Browser:-

Web Browsers or Web clients:

Web Browsers or Web clients A Web browser is a software application that is used to view Web pages. Most of the browsers can also be used to: Send and receive e-mails Read messages from newsgroups Web browsers “read” the html text and convert it into a page Currently there are many popular GUI based Web browsers such as mozila, opera, Google chrome and the Microsoft Internet Explorer Lynx is the text-based Web browser

Examples of Browsers:

Examples of Browsers Text browser – Lynx Graphical Browsers Internet Explorer Netscape Navigator Mozilla Opera Wireless/PDA browsers

Web Server and Browser Interaction:

Web Server and Browser Interaction If you click the Open button on your browser and type any URL (egg: http://www.google.com ), the browser generates a GET request, connects to the server at a designated IP address and waits for a response. The server returns a response and closes the connection. This is the basic browser and server interaction.

Web Server and Browser Interaction:

Web Server and Browser Interaction

Handling Different File Types:

Handling Different File Types Browsers can handle many types of files. However, for some files, such as movies, browser launches a "helper" application that can handle the file, or it saves the file for you to view later. The settings in the Applications preferences panel tell the browser which helper applications to use on your computer.

Getting the Latest Software Automatically:

Getting the Latest Software Automatically Smart Update allows software to be automatically and securely installed on your machine in one step.

Surfing the Web:

Surfing the Web Finding Information on the Web Viewing a Page Moving to Another Page Retracing Your Steps Retracing Your Steps in Detail: The History List Viewing a Page's Information Viewing a Page's Source Code Searching Within a Page

Moving to Another Page:

Moving to Another Page You move to a new page by typing its URL--its location (address) on the Web. To move by clicking a link: 1.Move the pointer until it changes to a pointing finger. This happens whenever the pointer is over a link. 2.Click the link once. While the network locates the page the link points to, status messages appear at the bottom of the window. If you change your mind and don't want to view a page, click Stop

Retracing Your Steps:

Retracing Your Steps To view the previous page: Click Back (or Forward). To view a page from the current session: Open the Go menu and choose the page you want to return to. To view a page whose URL you recently typed in the Location field: (Windows only) Click the down-pointing arrow at the right end of the Location field, and choose from the pop-up menu .

Viewing a Page’s Information:

Viewing a Page’s Information Viewing a Page's Information You can view information about the files that compose a page: Viewing a Page's Source Code To view the HTML and other code that generates a web page:

Book marking Your Favorite Web Sites:

Book marking Your Favorite Web Sites Creating a Bookmark To bookmark a web page: 1.Go to the web page you want to bookmark. 2.Click Bookmarks. 3.Choose Add Bookmark. The name of the currently displayed page is added as the last item in the Bookmark menu. To revisit a bookmarked web page: 1.Click Bookmarks. 2.Choose a bookmarked page.

Major Web Browsers:

Major Web Browsers Windows Macintosh Linux Browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer Mozzila Firefox Google Chrome Opera Safari Macintosh Browsers Omni Camino Linux Browsers Konqeror Epiphany

Microsoft Internet Explorer(IE):

Microsoft Internet Explorer(IE) IE was published in august 1995. Most widely used browser. Supports Tabbed browsing, instant access to email, RSS,InPrivate feature, built in Phishing Filters and so on….. Usage share is around 55%.

Mozzila Firefox:

Mozzila Firefox Firefox is a free and open source web browser published in 2004. One of the most popular browsers. Extensibility, simplicity and security. Supports Tabbed browsing,Private browsing, download manager. Uses Phishing Filter, Scanbox Security Model, SSL/TLS for security .

Google Chrome:

Google Chrome Uses Webkit Layout Engine Released in 2008 Third most widely used browser. Supports Private Browsing,Malware and Phishing Filter.

Opera :

Opera Developed in 1996 by Opera Software Provides Mobile Web browser" Opera Mini” Offers Tabbed Browsing, and RSS, Download Manager with BitTorrent, Mouse Gesture. Supports Phishing and Malware Protection


Safari Published in 2003 by APPLE. Most popular browser for Mac OS X. Supports Private Browsing anti Phishing Filter. Compatible with Windows OS and IPhone OS.

Macintosh Browsers :

Macintosh Browsers Camino Released in 2002. Synchronize Mozzila’s technology with MacOSX. Omni Web The First Web Browser for MacOSX.

Linux Browsers:

Linux Browsers Konqeror It is a web browser for KDE desktop. Epiphany Default browser for GNOME desktop. Simple and easy to use. Speed as other popular browsers.

Comparison among browsers:

Comparison among browsers

Privacy and Security:

Privacy and Security ActiveX, Java, Scripting (JavaScript, VBScript, etc), introduce vulnerabilities. Browsers should support HTTP Secure. Should have Phishing Filter. Prevention from Malware like Sandboxing. Should install multiple browsers in computer. Automatic updating option of browsers should be there.


Continued..... Web Browser vulnerabilities, vendor confirmed Source: Symantec Internet Security Threat Report (Vol. IX)


Conclusion Therefore, we can conclude that Web Browsers are software applications used to locate and display Web pages on the World Wide Web. Most of the browsers are graphical browsers.


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