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SEAT NO:-11367 Industrial Training In

INTRODUCTION The Trusted Name In Precision Testing :

INTRODUCTION The Trusted Name In Precision Testing

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MALPL Recognitions Bio waiver studies Quality Methodology Strengths of MALPL Precision at work MAL’S DNA

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MALPL is the preferred testing partner for a number of esteemed organizations from both the Government as well as the Private sector. MALPL is been bestowed the globally recognized National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration- NABL (ISO/IEC 17025:2005) certified and promises high standard of service by employing stringent quality measures. The facilities are ISO 9001:2008 certified by BM TRADA.

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The Raw Department carrying out Routine Analysis of the samples by carrying out various tests as per given in the Specification and by using various Instruments. Some of the tests mentioned Solubility Test Loss on Drying Heavy Metal Limit Tests Working In the Raw Department Sulphated Ash or Residue on Ignition

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Instruments Observed and Handle In Various Departments

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Analytical instruments Raw Department Analytical Balance PH – Meter Melting Point Apparatus Particle Size Analyzer 

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Instrument & Equipment Work Done on Analytical skills Learned. FRIABILITY:- Weighing tablets & calculation. Proper handling of apparatus , handling analytical balance, etc KARL FISCHER TITRATOR :- Set Protocol & weighing of samples. Looking specifically & Ensure that all parts are free from moisture, washing it after use ,etc DISINTEGRATION Initial settings of operations & performing test. Replace the water with fresh water when to be use, following GLP, etc

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Instrument & Equipment Work done on Analytical skills Learned. DISSOLUTION Set Protocol as required by specifications. To handle the apparatus assembly with care and placing them appropriately. FTIR :- Preparation of sample pellet. Precaution of making pellets (liquid & soilds samples), comparison, Concluding Graphs

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Instrument & Equipment Work Done on Analytical skills Learned. HPLC:- Observered the handling & Preparation of various solution. Precautions in making solutions, follow proper specifications and logical thinking for troubleshooting. Stability Chambers: Observed the stability chambers and few Test carried to conclude them. Keep an proper check and updates of sample records and maintenance.

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Calibration could be defined as a comparison of a measurement standard or instrument of known accuracy with another standard or instrument to detect, correlate, report or eliminate by adjustment, any variation in accuracy of item being compared.



In (R&D) Department:

In (R&D) Department

My role in the lab:-:

My role in the lab:- Carried out dissolution of a few products. Preparation of buffer Mobile phase Preparation of dissolution medium Preparation of needle washing solution Preparation of Diluent Preparation of standard solution. observed the analysis for validation of a few products, etc

Work Done & Observed Of ITRACONAZOLE CAPSULES 100 MG :

Work Done & Observed Of ITRACONAZOLE CAPSULES 100 MG

Conti… :

Instruments and Equipments Handle & observed HPLC System:- Dissolution Apparatus Weighing balance pH meter Validated Parameters System suitability Specificity Precision Linearity Accuracy study (Recovery study) Filter paper study Solution stability Conti…

Laboratory Administration:

Laboratory Administration

I Learnt from Internship Duration 13thMay -12th July:

I Learnt from Internship Duration 13 th May -12 th July




(USP)United State Pharmacopoeia, USP30 NF25, 2007 ICH guidelines Principles and practice of Bioanalysis by Richard Venn References

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