Idris Busari - My Native Country, Nigeria

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Presentation for World Culture Class at Goshen Middle School on 11/17/2018. We made scenic comparison with 2 videos in the presentation, one shot in Lagos, Nigeria and the other, Indiana, USA.


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slide 1:

Salutations and Introduction

slide 3:

Place of Birth 1:22 sec about Lagos

slide 4:

Place of Origin

slide 5:

Food Breakfast - Jollof Rice and Chicken

slide 6:

Lunch - Pounded Yam and Egusi Soup Dinner - Beans and Fried Plantain

slide 7:

Wild Animals in Nigeria Animals in Nigeria

slide 8:

Traditional Ceremony

slide 9:

My Family Me

slide 10:

Travel to Nigeria W. Africa How often Not as often. Plane Ride Time Between 17-23hrs. Flying is expensive starting at 1000.

slide 11:

Religions of Nigeria Christianity Islam Traditional African Religions and more recently Hinduism.

slide 12:

Schooling in Nigeria

slide 13:

Jobs in Nigeria All kinds of jobs are available in Nigeria. Demand for jobs vary. Less job in comparison to the population.  190.9 million 2017  According to the source the data are ILO estimates. In 2017 the estimated youth unemployment rate in Nigeria was at 13.41 percent. See

slide 14:

Big Cities in Nigeria There are more villages than cities in Nigeria but some popular cities are: Lagos Commercial Nerve Center AbujaFCT the Washington DC of Nigeria Onitsha - Eastern Nigerian Trade Capital Ife Osun State - Seat of the Yoruba Dynasty and Religious Pilgrimage

slide 15:

Transportation in Nigeria Public Transportation Private Vehicle Rail System Developed Waterway Airports and Airlines for Domestic and International Travel

slide 16:

Why Giant of Africa 1. Population  - 190.9 million 2017 2. National Wealth - GDP 375.8 billion USD 2017 3. Intercontinental Political Influence Buoyant and Responsive Military UN Peace Keeping Forces Activism and Pan-Africanism

slide 17:

Sports Played in Nigeria Soccer Boxing Badmington Basketball Volleyball

slide 18:

Nigeria 1st Winter Olympics

slide 19:

Why Poverty in Nigeria Nigeria is Rich. Huge Youth Population. Abundant Natural resource. Rich Professional Diaspora Community

slide 20:

...but Plagued by Bad Leadership Over dependency on Crude oil.

slide 21:

What does your name mean Idris is a Welsh and Arabic usually masculine given name also given as surname they are spelt identically however they are unrelated. ... Arabic س ي ر د إ Idris the Islamic prophet mentioned in the Quran usually identified with Enoch in the Bible. The original meaning may be "interpreter."---Wikipedia

slide 22:

Scenic ComparisonVideos vs. One Chance Love Shot in Epe Lagos Nigeria Father Shot in Goshen Indiana USA

slide 23:


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