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Presentation on Meth Labs for Property Preservation Contractors.


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Why Property Preservation professionals should be concerned about Meth?: 

Why Property Preservation professionals should be concerned about Meth?

Dangers Of A Meth Lab : 

Dangers Of A Meth Lab Approximately 15% of the labs are discovered because of a fire or explosion. 􀂃 Cookers leave behind byproducts so toxic they could burn the flesh off bones.

Additional Dangers Of A Meth Lab: 

Additional Dangers Of A Meth Lab Breathing fumes from a distance can permanently damage someone’s lungs. 􀂃 Discarded needles. 􀂃 Corrosive chemicals. 􀂃 Booby trapped labs. – Trip wires, hidden sticks with nails, or spikes, light switches or lights wired to explosive devices.


Meth Labs-The Risk And Threat To The Physical Safety Insurance Professionals Toxic Gases Toxic Wastes Every Pound Of meth Leaves Behind 5–6 Pounds Of Toxic Waste Fires Explosions One In Six meth Labs Explodes Or Catches Fire


Indicators Of A Meth Lab 􀂃 Unusual, strong odors (like cat urine, ether, ammonia, acetone, or solvents); 􀂃 Residences with windows blacked out; 􀂃 Renters who pay their landlords in cash; 􀂃 Lots of traffic or people coming and going at unusual times; 􀂃 Large amounts of items such as antifreeze containers, lantern fuel cans, red chemically stained coffee filters, drain cleaner and duct tape. 􀂃 Unusual amount of clear glass containers being brought into the home.


What Affect Does Meth Have On A House? 􀂃 Contamination caused by the "cooking" and disposing of Meth inside a home will affect: floors, walls, ceilings, working surfaces, furniture, carpeting, paneling, wallpaper, draperies, blinds, light fixtures, kitchen appliances, plumbing fixtures and drains, vent fans, ceiling fans, heating and air conditioning vents, clothing, toys, etc.

Where Do People “Cook” meth? : 

Where Do People “Cook” meth? Labs are highly portable. 􀂃 Rental property. 􀂃 Neighbor. 􀂃 Hotel rooms. 􀂃 Garage. 􀂃 Storage lockers. 􀂃 Trailers. 􀂃 Suburbs. 􀂃 National forests. 􀂃 Houses. 􀂃 Cars.


People can have meth labs in apartments effecting many people including themselves…..


….. Or in nice, split-level homes in middle class neighborhoods


Here is an example of a meth lab explosion. The walls are not covered with blood… but poorly processed meth. This room will require major cleanup.


Insured may claim fire was an Arson to account for chemicals present during a cause and origin investigation.


… inside of a home. (Note the scales, the small camp cook stove on the floor, the electrical cord dangling from the ceiling light, the scorched paneling, the many unlabeled containers of liquids, and garbage everywhere!)


Three children slept in the bedroom where this lab was discovered. Health care issues for children, is another concern for the preservation industry

Different Labs: 

Different Labs

Never Open the unknown!!: 

Never Open the unknown!!

And You thought it was an Empty Trunk: 

And You thought it was an Empty Trunk


Meth Lab Explosion Burns


Innocent bystanders can also become victims of a meth lab “flash fire.” Meth Lab Explosion Burns


EFFECTS OF ANHYDROUS AMMONIA ON THE BODY One key ingredient can cause severe burns and even tissue or muscle damage. Anhydrous ammonia, a key ingredient in Meth manufacturing, can cause horrific damage when mishandled. This person's buttocks were largely eaten away after contact with some of the chemical.


… in a back yard ‘pit”…


During one stage of the “cook”, meth is often heated. Refrigeration is also helpful, especially for storage of some of the ingredients. Here we see Lithium being stored in the fridge, in a fast food restaurant cup.. Which would also contain either oil or kerosene. It must be kept cool and not in contact with any form or moisture, or it can explode.


Unlabeled container with meth oil on top. Below, a larger container that will allow for easier separation of the meth oil from the waste products. Plus other assorted items used during the cook process.

Samples of a “gas generator” used during one stage of the “Cook” process.: 

Samples of a “gas generator” used during one stage of the “Cook” process.

Chemicals Found In Meth Labs: 

Chemicals Found In Meth Labs 􀂃 Ephedrine (cold tablets) 􀂃 Pseudoephedrine (cold tablets) 􀂃 Acetone (nail polish remover) 􀂃 Ether (engine starter fluid) 􀂃 Sulfuric acid (drain cleaner) 􀂃 Methanol/alcohol (gasoline additives) 􀂃 Salt 􀂃 Lithium (batteries) 􀂃 Anhydrous ammonia (farm fertilizer) 􀂃 Red phosphorus (matches) 􀂃 Iodine

Meth Lab Garbage: 

Meth Lab Garbage

More Meth Lab Garbage : 

More Meth Lab Garbage

And even More Meth Lab Garbage: 

And even More Meth Lab Garbage

Not Just a Standard Milk Jug: 

Not Just a Standard Milk Jug

Equipment Used In Methamphetamine Labs: 

Equipment Used In Methamphetamine Labs 􀂃 Pyrex or corning dishes 􀂃 Jugs 􀂃 Bottles 􀂃 Funnels 􀂃 Coffee filters 􀂃 Blender 􀂃 Rubber tubing 􀂃 Rubber gloves 􀂃 Strainer 􀂃 Aluminum foil 􀂃 Propane cylinder 􀂃 Fire extinguisher

Propane Cylinder with Andryous Ammonia Residue: 

Propane Cylinder with Andryous Ammonia Residue

Minum Required Chemical Protection Suits: 

Minum Required Chemical Protection Suits

What Is Methamphetamine?: 

What Is Methamphetamine? Powerful central nervous system stimulant. A synthetic drug with a high exposure for abuse and dependence. Easy to produce and sold in pill form, powder and chunks. Street cost between $80 and $100 per gram.


Meth by any other name…..

The Effects Of Meth.: 

The Effects Of Meth.

A 23 year old male’s teeth and gums after 3+ years of meth use: 

A 23 year old male’s teeth and gums after 3+ years of meth use

Meth “Mites”: 

Meth “Mites”

8 years of Meth Use: 

8 years of Meth Use

18 Months Of Meth Use: 

18 Months Of Meth Use

Dealing With A Tweaker: 

Dealing With A Tweaker Keep your distance. Coming too close can be perceived as threatening. No bright lights. The tweaker is already paranoid and if, blinded by a bright light, he or she is likely to run or become violent. Slow your speech and lower your voice. A tweaker already hears sound at a fast pace and high pitch. Slow your movements. This will decrease the odds that the tweaker will misinterpret your physical actions. Keep your hands visible. If you place your hands where the tweaker cannot see them he may feel threatened and become violent. Keep the tweaker talking. A tweaker that falls silent can be extremely dangerous. Silence often means that his paranoid thoughts have taken over reality, and anyone present can become a part of his paranoid delusions. People that abuse Meth regularly are called Tweakers. Here are six tips when dealing with one

What to do if you discover or suspect a Meth Lab is present: 

What to do if you discover or suspect a Meth Lab is present 􀂃 Contact local law enforcement 􀂃 Do not touch anything 􀂃 Stay away until scene is cleared DO NOT TURN ANYTHING ON OR OFF IT COULD COST YOU YOUR LIFE

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