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ujna accepted brings you our series of notable battle, global battle one army of canada, france and romania (ww1, wwi) canadian & different army uniforms & tools.


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AEF uniforms :

AEF uniforms Design WW1 regular army uniforms reproductions. a number of the military vesture square measure common and a few square measure terribly rare and therefore very talked-about among the crazy collectors. Helmet with full liner strap, animal skin os cap, winter wool arctic cap is a few of the foremost sought-after replicas. More Info Visit Our Website:-

Victorian uniforms :

Victorian uniforms This was a vital amount within the history of Victorian uniforms because the laborious lessons of the Crimean War caused the military to modify over to Khaki uniforms for the primary time and arranged the inspiration for the uniforms in WW1 and WW2. More Info Visit Our Website:-

Highland doublets :

Highland doublets These square measure created in 100% cotton drill material white, khaki or the other color that will be nominative. Construction is that the same as woollen doublets. value is US$ 129 per jacket, door delivered, custom tailored. Highland Band Doublets, Doublets, Kilts, Jackets & Accessories for Pipe, Police & Military Bands . More Info Visit Our Website:-

Pipe band doublets :

Pipe band doublets We tailor our kilts however need you to send your own fabric cloth for it. we tend to are creating arrangements with a mill in European nation for a complete vary of fabric materials and these are on the market from early June. trade and delivery charges for Kilts is US$ one hundred fifty five. we tend to conjointly manufacture skirt panels and skirt panel rosettes. More Info Visit Our Website:-

ww1 British uniforms :

ww1 British uniforms According to historians, throughout warfare I, British army was the simplest trained and equipped army ever sent to the good War. WW1 British army uniform colors were useable uniforms that were later replicate for the Indian army within the mid-19th century. More Info Visit Our Website:-

ww2 British uniforms :

ww2 British uniforms Each army uniform copy is rigorously seamed supported the clients’ measurements sent along side the { design|the fashion} or any custom design preferences. Utmost care is taken to use constant material material with nearly same texture to seem like WWI army uniform duplicate. More Info Visit Our Website :-

Luftwaffe uniforms :

Luftwaffe uniforms The basic air force militaries uniforms , rank badge, daggers & medals has several distinctive options. German uniforms of the air force of WW II like summer flight jackets and pants, officer’s flight blouses, officer’s badge and every one sorts of covering have historical significance. air force uniforms and provides are rare and asked for WWII uniforms and are extremely collectables. More Info Visit Our Website :-

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