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Presentation Description, a leading Worldwar I & Worldwar II army uniform reproduction company make replicas of Nazi uniforms, accessories, party ranks, and insignia. Popular Nazi uniforms and Schutzstaffel reproductions are huge Civil War Uniforms Collectible items. Order a custom stitched re-enactment and reproduction of army uniforms now.


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German Uniform Collectibles and Insignia The Luftwaffe was the Airforce of Nazi Germany during World War II. The basic Luftwaffe militaria uniforms rank insignia daggers medals has many unique features. German uniforms of the Luftwaffe of WW II such as summer flight jackets and pants officer’s flight blouses officer’s insignia and all types of clothing have historical significance. Luftwaffe uniforms and supplies are rare and sought after WWII uniforms and are highly collectables. SS-Helferin uniforms along with the accessories such as stuff title hair makeup Wehrmacht Uniforms and shoes are also taught after WW I military uniforms. SS-Helferinnen were trained at the Reichsschule- SS and they served as clerical and signal capacities as Heer Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine Helferinnen. Helferin uniform repro women’s ss uniform such as a wool jacket wool skirt wool side-cap and gabardine tie are popular collectables. Women SS-Helferin uniforms are great for people who want to portray ss female auxiliary uniforms. – a leading World War I II army uniform reproduction company offers custom stitched victorian British Zulu war uniform reproductions. The uniforms are made from the finest materials to look exactly like the Great War era and not just a repro.

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German had so many police and army divisions and one of them was the Gestapo. They were the German secret police under the Nazi era. They were assigned the task to suppress the forces who oppose Nazis in Germany and occupied Europe areas. Gestapo sent Jews and other people to the concentration camps. The Gestapo wore police-pattern uniforms with shoulder boards piped in poison green. German clothing factory during the World War which later became the famous menswear brand – Hugo Boss – made German army ss uniforms including Gestapo uniforms and ranks. not only custom stitches WW I WW II military uniforms they can also make a reproduction of accessories and shoes. One can order Pershing boots which are rare boots they were issued to the army during World War I. M 1918 Pershing trench boots were the improved version of earlier trench boots after improving the weaknesses found in earlier boots. WWI Pershing 1918 infantry trench boot was made for a long walk during the war as the army battalions were required to walk long distances.

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