How Do You Know About Your Vocal Cord Injury?

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Learn about the causes, symptoms, precautions & treatment of the vocal cord injury.


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Vocal Cord Injury: Symptoms, Reasons For Occurrence & Treatment:

Vocal Cord Injury: Symptoms, Reasons For Occurrence & Treatment


Vocal problems can commonly occur to anyone and can have a negative impact on a person everyday life. It may turn fun activities that require the use of the human voice into burdens.

Reasons For Occurrence::

Reasons For Occurrence: There are many reasons behind Vocal cord injury : like negative environments (air pollution), severe weather & climate changes, unhealthy food, etc.


For Example: As in a dry climate, the human body and vocal box do not get enough moisture; and thus, the vocal anatomy becomes very dry which could cause symptoms like a sore throat and, nevertheless, dry vocal cords. 2. Sometimes people (professional speakers or singers) do not realize that they're using their voices excessively loud and forcing it to the max in order to make a point.


Symptoms: The voice becomes hoarse and raspy while speaking or singing. Moreover, it also creates pain and difficulty while swallowing. If you are facing these symptoms, be advised that these issues can be completely resolved with the use of our unique voice/vocal instruction, combined with the application of natural herbs & homeopathic remedies, conducted and provided by voice repair specialist, Diana Yampolsky.


Precautions: Take sufficient quantity of water and avoid dairy foods in access like cheese, milk, yogurt, etc. Avoid highly acidic foods like Ketchup, Tomatoes, Oranges/Tangerines & Most carbonated drinks.


Treatment: Get the treatment for your all voice related issues from our Nonsurgical Voice Repair program that will not only help you to get your voice back as well as it will teach you how to use your voice correctly, according to the standards of professional speaking/singing.

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