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The Best Players in the World Performed by: Renzo Saturnino Jakobo Morales Carlos Villasmil

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Kaka is the nickname of Ricardo Isezon Dos santos Leite, he is a excellent soccer player, his email address is and his phone number is 04646032456 He is marred, his wife is Carolaine Celico, his favorite athlete is Pele. He likes to read the holy bible and go out with his family He plays right now in the real madrid Kaka’ Unit 1 Getting and intros

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Cristiano Ronaldo is the nickname of Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro, he is the best soccer player, his email address is and his phone number is 0252-4568521 He’s currently single his favorite athlete is Eusebio. In his free time he use to go out with friends. His current team is Real Madrid CF. Cristiano Ronaldo Unit 1 Getting and intros

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Kaka’ is from Brazil, he speaks portuguesse. He was born in Brasilia. He’s Brazilian. Brasilia is one of the biggest cities in Brasil and is the current Brasil’s capital. Is a beautiful city. Cristiano Ronaldo is from Portugal, he also speaks portuguesse. He was born in Funchal, Madeira. He is portuguesse. Funchal is the Madeira’s capital. Is one of the most prominents cities in Portugal. Unit 2 Countries of the world

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My name is Renzo Saturnino I’m from Cabimas , I live in Cabimas , in Buena Vista . I’m 17 years old and I’m studing Industrial engineering at URBE . My favorite subjects are math and english I love Music , Traveling , Playing Soccer , playing Ping pong and Volleyball, Reading, Italian food and specially God I hate Chineses food , Smoking , Beer , Violence and Wars My dream is to helping other people , traveling around the world About english . I love to learn new lenguajes , i think englihs is really important , i listening to music and watch tv in english .. I hope in a future to speak very well... About me, Renzo Saturnino

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Kaka’: His favoite items are his laptop because he likes to read and chat with his fans and friends . His laptop is beautiful and unique Cristiano R : His favoite items are his car because he like go out with his friends and girls it’s a beautiful and fantstic car but is expensive Unit 3 Personal items

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Cristiano is in the pool. Kaka’ is playing soccer Unit 4 Everyday activities

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Hi,there! My name's Carlos Villasmil but you can call me carlucho . I'm from Maracaibo,originally. I live in San Francisco, in el Silencio. I'm 18 years old and I study industrial engineering at URBE. My favorite subjects are mathematics and English and geometry.I love music, dancing, playing pin pon, driving my car I hate violence,onions,and waiting on people.My dream is to travel around the world,visit China, Italy and Paris. of course. I want to graduate from engieneering school and be a good engineerAbout english, I love to learn new languages. I think it is very important.I listen to music and watch programs tv in English . I's a good exercise. I also chat in internet and play games online. About me, Carlos Villasmil

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The Ronaldo’s favorite food is the tipical soup from portugal becouse he just love it. And he really likes to eat fried duck, he thinks that it’s just delicious. Unit 5 Foods

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Crab and spategetti are the Kaka’s favorite foods. Becouse he likes sea food and italian food. Unit 5 Foods

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Kaka’s family is a small one becouse he has his son Lucas, his wife Caroline, his mother and his father. Cristiano has a small family. He just has his mother Unit 6 Family

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Hi, there My name’s Jakobo Morales but you can call me Jakobito. I’m from Maracaibo originally. I live in Maracaibo, in Pomona. I’m 17 years old and I studying engineering at URBE. My favorite subjects are English.I love the musicl, karting, soccer and baseballI hate vallenato, getting up early , violence and laysMy dream is to graduate from engineering school, I want to have a good family in the future.About English is a very cool language and also very important to find a job= ) About me, Jakobo Morales

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Thank you!!!

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