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You can book Portable sinks for use at large events and they are a great accompaniment to portable toilets. Certain portable sinks are made as units with several hand sanitizer dispensers.


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Portable sinks can be booked for use at large events and are a great accompaniment to portable toilets. Certain portable sinks are made as units with several hand sanitizer dispensers and other sinks actually contain two reservoirs one which is full of clean water and the other which holds the used water. The portable sinks which contain water are typically equipped with soap dispensers and are controlled by a foot lever which can be stepped on to pump water. As the hands are washed the used water flows through to used water reservoir. These sinks can be placed adjacent to portable toilets at large events which do not contain sinks as an encouragement to be sanitary and wash the hands thoroughly. Movable sinks are also great for other large events such as parties or a busy season at a petting zoo. Animals at a petting zoo are usually quite dirty and as a sanitary precaution for young children who usually attend petting zoos for events and parties portable sinks can be set up at a station where everyone can wash their hands to optimize health and safety practices. A movable sink is also a good feature for a childrens party fair or festival which features arts and crafts as an activity. Messy paints and glues which end up on the hands of children can be hard to get off with sanitary wipes. A portable sink placed in a central location does help keep everyones hands clean and to keep messy paint hand prints off of the walls and furniture on the way to indoor bathroom sinks.

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Catered events are another place where outdoor sinks come in very handy. It is important that food is cooked and handled in a sanitary manner. Certain large catered events are held outdoors where access to sinks is not readily available and this is where portable sinks can come in very handy. For large events which require a lot of chefs and caterers to be handling food items movable sinks placed around the area where the food is being prepared encourages everyone to stay sanitary. Protect Your Hands and Your Family with a Portable Sink A portable sink has many features to it that are beneficial to you and your family. They are beneficial because your hands must be kept sanitized. The beauty of a sink is that they can be placed conveniently for your purposes. They are also useful for outdoor use particularly when there is a barbecue grill nearby. It is important for grillers to wash and sanitize their hands before entering their home or returning to the grill. Hand sanitizers can only do so much. The convenience and ease of having a sink can work wonders for everyone. In a world where it is important to keep everything sanitized because of the increased number of germs and viruses it is important to keep portable sinks in places where many germs dwell. Contact Us Rent A Portable Sink - Monsam Enterprises 2685 Pittsburg / Antioch Hwy Antioch CA 94509 United States Phone no: 1-800-513-8562 E-mail: Web Site:

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