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Our Website: An experienced home renovation contractor saves you additional cost, effort and time. General Contractor can also recommend some better designs and methods that you might not have thought of. General Contractor manages all aspects of your home renovation project, like hiring and supervising subcontractors, getting building permits and so on. Choosing a General Contractor Oakville can help you make your home the most valuable asset. Profile Link: More Links:


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OAKVILLE CONTRACTORS For More Information Visit Our Website Page- 01 Red Stone Contracting Inc. specializes in Kitchen & Bathroom Renovation, Basement finishing, Kitchen Cabinets, Tiles, Home Additions, Landscaping, Electrical Services and more…

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For More Information Visit Our Website Page- 03 OAKVILLE CONTRACTORS We have been serving the Greater Toronto Area from more than a decade now and we have dedicated ourselves and time to contracting and renovation services to serve every client that we have. Our specialization lies on kitchen and bath remodeling along basement, cabinets, and tiles finishing. We always ensure that we can deliver complete home renovations services that guarantee your 100% satisfaction. As an industry leader in remodeling here in GTA, we are continuing to strive harder to provide guaranteed workmanship. The success of a project is where we channel our focus at all times. With the efficient staff that we have and the careful planning we lay out, we are on the way to success working with you. Our goal in every project handed to us is simple – beat the last successful project we have taken by storm.

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For More Information Visit Our Website Page- 04 HOME RENOVATIONS OAKVILLE Whether your project involves updating the kitchen or renovating your office of your home or you want to remodel your bathroom, we are the perfect partner that you are looking for. As your most trusted Oakville contractors, Red Stone Contracting Inc. will be with you from start to finish. We will help in creating a new environment for your place every step of the way. For years, we have been remodeling properties and have been doing a great job. With our extensive experience in the field, we are able to make our way up the ladder and now became one of the premier general contractors in GTA and surrounding areas. Whether it is home renovations, institutions or commercial offices renovations, we are the best choice you can make. Custom design, building and renovations

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For More Information Visit Our Website Page- 05 GENERAL CONTRACTOR OAKVILLE With our experience and workmanship guaranteed, we continue to prove why we are industry leader here in Greater Toronto Area. Careful planning and trust is our way of insuring a successful project. Residential construction project, for new or custom buildings can be achieved through Red Stone Contracting Inc. Values that Shape Our Business Honesty Excellence Accountability Respect Teamwork Interior Design Good design is what it’s all about. Only if a project is designed and planned successfully it can be successfully executed. Use our designers, remodelling consultants or bring your own – the key to a great renovation project is proper planning. Our top designers have been with us for over 10 years and they would be more than happy in helping you make the right choices to fit your budget and style No matter how small or big your project is, we are here always with a solution for your budget!

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For More Information Visit Our Website Page- 06 BATHROOM RENOVATIONS OAKVILLE Red Stone Contracting Inc . takes pride with the successful projects we have completed. All of them have one thing in common – the degree of attention to details and the care we have taken with it.  In every project we take, we work to perfection. We make sure that nothing, not even the tiniest detail will be slipping away. Our hard work earned us with the great reputation we have now as specialists of excellent  interior and exterior renovation quality .

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For More Information Visit Our Website Page- 07 KITCHEN RENOVATIONS OAKVILLE As one of the finest  renovation companies Oakville  area, we guarantee that you will have a fully managed, excellent quality and fast renovation, be it on your home or commercial offices. Choose us! Rest assured that Red Stone Contracting Inc. can offer great, fast, and efficient services in the easiest process for you from the beginning of the project up to the finishing touches. We are all about fast turnarounds.  Kitchen Remodeling Kitchens have become the centerpiece of the modern home, and a focal point of everyday life and entertaining. More than any other room, the kitchen seems to be where we spend more and more time while at home. A well-designed cooking and dining area can inspire you to spend more time preparing meals and can be the motivation for entertaining friends or family over and showing off your well honed gourmet skills.

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For More Information Visit Our Website Page- 08 BASEMENT RENOVATIONS OAKVILLE Bathroom Renovation Thinking of remodeling your bathroom?  Red Stone Contracting Inc. has exactly what you’re looking for and can provide beautiful new bathroom solutions to make your washroom a work of art. Utilize Red Stone Contracting unique capabilities to not only renovate your bathroom but to re invasion your space by turning it into a personal sanctuary. Complete Remodelling and Renovation Are you thinking of completely remodeling your home?  If there’s one type of project we consider our specialty, its complete renovation. Some companies are flooring specialists. Some will only remodel kitchens & baths. Others focus on painting or tiling. Red Stone Contracting Inc. specialty is providing complete service; and that’s why the complete renovation is our favorite type of project.

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For More Information Visit Our Website Page- 09 BASEMENT RENOVATIONS BURLINGTON Flooring Are you looking for the perfect flooring for your home?   Often referred as the fifth wall in any room, you floor is more than just the surface you walk upon; it’s a powerful design element that creates atmosphere and mood that can have a dramatic and lasting impact on your home’s overall design. Painting The simplest and most cost effective way to transform your home is through an interior painting project. Interior painting allows you to make over a single room or your entire house and can substantially increase your home’s value, especially if your current paint is scuffed or marred or if the colours are alternately garish or drab. Further, if you’re selling your home, a complete paint job in bright, neutral tones makes it easier for prospective buyers to envision the space as their own, thus increasing your chances of selling.

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For More Information Visit Our Website Page- 10 KITCHEN RENOVATIONS TORONTO Follow Us Red Stone Contracting is a Team of Epxerts We provide top notch home renovation and remodeling services in Oakville, Burlington and the entire GTA !

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