Getting the Best Out Of Your Wedding DJ


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One of the first question everyone has about their wedding entertainment is, “how much does a wedding DJ cost in Reno".


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Getting the Best Out Of Your Wedding DJ :

Hiring a wedding DJ isn’t the last thing you can do to make the evening work. There are so many other things you need to make sure in order to keep things on check and perfect. When you hire the best wedding DJ, you also make a very important decision as the wedding DJ cost is really high and you have made a very big investment. Whilst the wedding DJ will for sure try to do things the most amazing way possible, there are a few ways you can get the best out of your wedding DJ. They are – Getting the Best Out Of Your Wedding DJ

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Specify him about your preferences – You are the client and you have the right to want things on certain specific way. So you need to tell him or her about your preferences specifically. Tell them what you want and what you DON’T want. If you don’t want him to play anything which isn’t specified on your playlist, then you should tell him specifically. The wedding DJs always keep the client’s preference on check . Try and collaborate – Many DJs like to make his own form of work. However, you can collaborate and help yourself and him with the same. Create a list that includes your ceremony and reception with your favorite songs or songs that you want to be played.

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Be very specific about the DO NOT play list – You can deal with a few extra songs that must have not been in your list but you cannot deal with a song that you don’t want the DJ to play. But you need to be very specific about the same to your DJ or he or she won’t realize it. Tell your DJ about which are the songs you don’t want to be played in your ceremony . Taking a request – Without you letting the DJ know whether or not the DJ should take a request, he won’t know that for sure. So would you like the DJ to take requests? Or wouldn’t you? If you want, then how many requests should the DJ take? Just let the DJ know about it. Or else, that can be havoc . The playlist – When you book your DJ, you should also hand over your playlist to him as early as possible. This will help the DJ to prepare for the songs and also he can give you a sample to listen whether you like it or not.

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