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Let your experience be wild… : 

Let your experience be wild… Let your experience be wild…

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Reni Pani Jungle Lodge is an exquisitely designed conservation and wildlife centric lodge. Reni Pani is located 6 km away from the Satpura National Park and Tiger Reserve, which is one of Central India’s best kept secrets. All of us here at Reni Pani, are fascinated by wildlife and we love to share this fascination with as many people as possible. The Satpura Tiger Reserve is just the right place for a true nature lover or wildlife buff. It is a park where all animals, and not just the tiger, are afforded their due respect and significance. In particular, the Sloth Bear, the elusive Leopard, the Indian Wild Dog and the Malabar Giant Squirrel amongst other mammals are some unique animals that are sited here frequently. The forest is a mixed deciduous one enabling an abundant supply of food almost round the year. Resident birdlife is rich in the Satpuras, and several migratory birds are attracted by the expanse of the Tawa Reservoir, which borders the park to the North. Reni Pani is a wildlife and conservation driven establishment, and to that extent our actions are calculated so as to enable a minimal impact on the environment. We also expect our guests to recognize the importance of minimizing ones impact on the natural surroundings, not just around Reni Pani but where ever they may travel. Needless to mention, we hope that our guests behave in a responsible and aware manner while at the lodge and otherwise. We are not a ‘luxury resort’ as one would imagine in the conventional sense but rather are a lodge which is providing ‘Responsible and Aware Luxury’. Our main activities revolve around the Satpura National Park and Tiger Reserve and anyone who loves the outdoors knows that game viewing is best early morning and late evening. Given the limited staff associated with Reni Pani and the time schedule we have to follow, we do not encourage late nights, do not allow music (in order to maintain a wilderness environment and experience) and absolutely do not appreciate it if guests are uncooperative. Who we are and what we do…

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The lodge… Unmatched luxury… Reni Pani has 12 individual cottages that are made in 3 distinct structural formats. Reni Pani has a central meeting place called the ‘Gol Ghar’ which features the library, dining amenities, lounge and bar all embedded in various corners of its unique structure. The lodge has a beautiful outdoor pool which is located on a bend in the nullah, giving patrons a luxury experience in the midst of exceptional wilderness. Reni Pani is spread in a campus over 30 acres in size. Its magnificent trees, uneven yet splendid topography, seasonal nullah and sprawling meadow resemble what patrons experience in the Satpura National Park. Because of its true forest like feel, Reni Pani is frequented by several animals including Sambhar, Cheetal, Nil Gai, Wild Boar, Barking Deer, Langur several species of resident as well as migratory birds and the occasional Leopard and sloth Bear.

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Unparalleled wilderness… The Satpura National Park and Tiger Reserve… The Satpura National Park and Tiger Reserve, to some believed to be Central India’s best kept secrets, is a fine example of a park where one can experience true wilderness. It is a relatively untouched park where there are a diverse range of activities including Jeep Safaris, Walk Safaris (only park in central India), Elephant Safaris and Boat Safaris. Although there are a good number of tigers here, the forest department along with lodge owners in the area do not wish to keep tigers as the focal point. This becomes very easy when sightings of the elusive leopard, the sloth Bear, wild dogs, other mammals, crocodile, birds, butterflies etc are numerous. Hordes of gaur, sambhar, cheetal, langur and other herbivores are sighted often. As a result of the Tawa Reservoir which surrounds the park on the North side, Satpura is also home to a number of resident and migratory bird species. A list of common resident animal and bird species is located on our website ( . This park is truly breathtaking, its rugged terrain, dense forest, expanse of mountains and varied topography are a perfect setting where wilderness still prevails over the onslaught of mankind.

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Eco, conservation and social initiatives… Steps taken to minimize environmental impact: Installation of costly invertors / UPS systems in each room and in the central meeting areas in order to minimize use of back-up diesel generator Use of low voltage CFL light bulbs to minimize use of electricity Use of indigenous low impact material like wood, mud, bamboo etc in construction. All wood utilized at the time of construction procured from wood plantations Plantation of over 2,000 saplings of indigenous origin in and around the premises Minimal furniture used in bedrooms. All seating areas and beds are carved into the structure of individual units In the central areas chairs, tables etc are made of re-furbished disposed furniture from our parent hotel in Bhopal Light fittings, door fittings and other small fittings are made of re-designed scrap construction metal Water heaters are gas fired instead of high energy electricity heaters Steps towards conservation and social causes: Employment and involvement of local community so as to reduce their dependence on forest produce. Close to 50% of our staff are from the local village and we wish to increase this to the maximum possible limit A majority of our supplies come from Sohagpur, a near by town, bearing direct and indirect benefits for several locals Plantation of several indigenous trees in an around the premises Working in tandom with the forest department on anti poaching and forestation drives Working along with park authorities to promote non polluting ways of exploring the park including walking safaris, elephant safaris and non-motor boat safaris Actively spreading awareness to patrons who visit hoping that they what they teach us or learn from us will spread manifold Conducting English speaking classes and tutorials for children who live in the neighboring village Providing a medical shuttle to closest doctor for the population of the local village Regular village cleaning and sanitation exercises

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When to come and what to bring… When to come: The dry season in Central India starting October going on through June is when the wildlife season is on. Our Lodge as well as the Satpura National Park and Tiger Reserve will be operational during the period 15 October and 30 June of each year The months of October and November are characterized by warm days and cool nights. The forest is lush green as the monsoon (wet season) has just finished. Game viewing is sporadic as there is enough food and water all over the park right up till the hilly areas. This is a good time to come to see a fair amount of game, several birds, and enjoy the forest, which is at its best in terms of natural beauty. The months of December, January February leading into early to mid March are the winter months. Days are chilly, nights and early mornings are cold. Game viewing starts to pick up during this period as animals start migrating (locally) to the plains where food is abundant. Apart from mammals , avifaunal activity, especially of migratory birds is exceptional. This is the most popular time to come as the forest is nice and green and animal s as well as birds are very active. The months of April, May and June are characterized by hot days and warm nights. Satpura is a dry-deciduous forest and starting April the trees start to shed their leaves. Visibility in the forest increases dramatically enabling excellent wildlife viewing either very early morning or late evening, when it is not hot. Animals also congregate to areas where there is food and water available, enabling a fair degree of anticipation . Bird viewing is good at this time of year as there are no leaves to block ones sight. What to bring: A good pair of binoculars, a camera and comfortable walking shoes are highly recommended at all times of year. Its ideal to carry casual and comfortable clothes that have earthy / dull colors. Although we provide a torch / flashlight in each room, guests are welcome to carry their own. Mosquitoes are not a big problem here, but patrons may want to carry a repellent spray or cream for that extra comfort In October and November – a light cardigan or jacket is needed for late evenings and early mornings. During the day one layer will keep you more that comfortable. From December till March, a sweater or wind cheater may be required in the day and a good winter jacket, woolen hat and gloves are highly recommended for morning and evening activities. Starting April until the end of the season in June, carry the most summery and comfortable of clothes. Do not forget to carry a nice sun-protective hat!!!

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That’s why…. Some key reasons why Reni Pani and Satpura are ideal for a holiday: Reni Pani is a uniquely designed jungle lodge where responsible luxury, wildlife, several surprises and a dedicated team all unite to make your experience memorable The Satpura National Park and Tiger Reserve is untouched and the experience here is truly wild. Here patrons have the chance to travel and witness the unknown and enjoy the floral, faunal and avifaunal diversity of this park. To find out more about the park and the common resident birds and animals found here please log on to The Satpura National Park and Tiger Reserve is located 135 km away from Bhopal (2:30 min drive) which is extremely well connected from major cities. The following are several combinations guests can use from Mumbai & Delhi There are daily Indian Airlines and Jet Airway flights from both Mumbai and Delhi to Bhopal Bhopal to Mumbai daily flights – Jet Airways 9W 2532 D – 0900 A – 1110, Jet Konnect 9W 2504 D – 2035 A – 2235, Indian Airlines IC 134 A – 1940 D – 2155 Mumbai to Bhopal daily flights – Jet Airways 9W 2531 D – 0550 A – 0800, Jet Konnect 9W 2503 D – 1745 A – 1950, Indian Airlines IC 133 D – 0605 A – 0825 Bhopal to Delhi daily flights – Jet Airways 9W 2228 – D – 1035 A – 1150, Jet Airways 9W 2211 D -2125 A 2225, Indian Airlines IC 133 D – 0905 A – 1020 Why Reni Pani & Satpura?

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Some more pictures that will make you wish you were here…. Delhi to Bhopal Daily flights – Jet Airways 9W 2228 D – 0715 A – 1000, Jet Airways 9W 2211 D – 1815 A – 2055, Indian Airlines IC 134 D – 1800 A – 1910 There are a number of trains from Mumbai and Delhi as well. Apart from trains from these two major cities there are several trains that come to Itarsi (60 km away from Satpura) from towns like Jabalpur and Nagpur. These trains are extremely useful for travelers doing the Central Indian Wildlife Trail of Kanha, Bandhavgarh, Panna and Pench National Parks. Some convenient trains in an out of stations close to our lodge are listed below: From Mumbai to Itarsi the Punjab Mail is an excellent option. The train leaves Mumbai at 7:40 pm and reaches Itarsi at 7:45 am. On the way back the train departs Itarsi at 6:50 pm and reaches Mumbai at 7:35 am From Delhi to Bhopal there is the Bhopal Express train # 2156 which departs Nizamuddin Station at 9:00 pm and arrives in Bhopal at 7:05 am and on the way back the train follows a similar schedule Why Reni Pani & Satpura?

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Zafar Rashid |Sales Manager | Ph: + 91 755 2661100 (+ 5 lines), + 91 755 4235100 (+5 lines) | Fax: + 91 755 2661720 | Mob: + 91 80850 21925| e-mail:| website: Other than these two trains there are several options that are available. Itarsi is a major junction and all trains going either east – west or north – south pass through this station. Itarsi is also extremely well connected with Stations like Jabalpur, Katni and Nagpur enabling people visiting other parks in Madhya Pradesh to travel by train Reni Pani is easily accessible from most major cities and should you decide to enquire, our well informed team will be more than happy to help There are numerous reasons why you should be here. So call in and discover your wild side!!! So assess the possibilities, call-in and discover your wild side…

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