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Drugs.com Medication Guide Application:

Drugs.com Medication Guide Application By: Rene Fernandez


Objective This presentation will provide an all around overview and analysis on the Drugs.com Medication Guide Application. Purpose of Application The purpose of the the Drugs.com Medication Guide Application is to provide an easy way to look up drug information, identify pills, check medication interactions, and set up your own personal medication records (Drugs.com, 2015) Image – Screen shot of application

Usefulness of Application for Nurses:

Usefulness of Application for Nurses Assist in unknown pill identification (Drugs.com, 2015). Different categories for drug searches Provides drugs interactions, side effects, and uses (Drugs.com, 2015). Proper drug dosages are provided Provides a pregnancy and breastfeeding database (Drugs.com, 2015) Image- Pill bottle

Usability of the Application :

Usability of the Application Easy to use layout Easy to learn for first time users Well organized design Rapid results when using search bar Easy to read and understand material presented Image- The application is easy to use

Legal, Ethical, & Privacy Issues:

Legal, Ethical, & Privacy Issues This application does not have any ethical or privacy issues for the following reasons: No patient information provided on website No specifics on patient care The application may deal with legal issues for the following reasons: Inaccurate information Not constantly updating the application Image – Scales of Justice


Limitations Needs wireless connection to work on mobile devices User has to perform update when available Takes time to become proficient with application Image – Wireless connection symbol


Benefits Unlimited abundance of information on medications Educational benefits Peer reviewed reliable information Fast results when searching for information Recommendation I would recommend the Drugs.com Medication Guide Application to all nurses due to its many benefits, including quick access to medication information when needed.


Conclusion The Drugs.com Medication Guide application provides nurses with many benefits including pill identification, drug interactions, pregnancy and breast feeding medication warnings, and much more. Even though there are some limitations with its use, the benefits far outweigh these limitations. Nurses in all healthcare facilities should have this application on their mobile device. Image - Drugs.com Medication Guide App symbol


References Cook, M.C. (2015). Nurses’ six rights for safe medication administration. Massachusetts Nurses Association. Retrieved from http://www.massnurses.org/nursing-resources/nursing-practice/articles/six-rights .   Drugs.com. (2015). Mobile Apps. Retrieved from http://www.drugs.com/apps/   HealthIT.gov. (2014). Protecting the privacy and security of your health information. Retrieved from http://www.healthit.gov/patients-families/protecting-your-privacy-security

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