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Little Free Libraries:

Little Free Libraries Final Project: Thesaurus Construction Info 247 Vocabulary Design December 10, 2016 Stephanie Felice Bernadette Fowler Kristen Moore Renee Tabizon


Outline Introduction to Little Free Libraries Domain Analysis Term Extraction Facet Analysis Relationship Analysis Final Term Selection Little Free Library, Ltd. logo, from


Introduction The earliest “boxed libraries” began in the late 1800’s, they were initiated to extend library service to rural areas. These collections rotated every six months and contained 30 to 100 books for local residents; they would most commonly be stored at the Post Office or General Store, places where the community frequently visited. As time moved on libraries began the mobile book service which transformed into the modern era with the invention of the motor vehicle which eventually succumbed to the economic cost of gasoline, war, and budget cuts. However, in recent years the literary community has begun questioning the digital age and a resurgence for the printed word is making a comeback. In recent years cities and towns across the United States have increased literacy and book lending through the use of little free libraries, “book boxes” constructed and placed near sidewalks on the front lawns of private residences. “Take one, Leave one” is optional but book sharing has once again found a place to reach local communities. TARDIS little free library. From

Domain Analysis:

Domain Analysis Articles Blogs Web Pages Books Interviews Narrow terms for Specificity

Term Extraction:

Term Extraction Review Resources Chose Terms Individually Each Group Member Compiled A Minimum of 50 Terms and Added them to a Shared Google Docs Sheet We each noted where our terms should be placed as facets in a separate Google Sheet.

Facet Analysis:

Facet Analysis We focused on users who wanted information about building, contributing, or trying to locate little free libraries (LFL). From the Term Extraction sheet one Group Member placed our terms into one Facet Analysis Doc, removing all duplicates. Decisions for proper Facet Analysis were determined in Google Docs chat and email. Aitchinson’s Classification We Began with 179 Terms and narrowed our list down to 127 our goal was to reach 100.

12 Facets:

12 Facets Abstract Entities Artifacts Attributes Materials or substances, constituent substances Parts or Components Agents Equipment or Apparatus Patients End Products Actions Space Time

Relationship Analysis:

Relationship Analysis Equivalence: Use and UF (Use For) Hierarchical: Broad Term (BT) and Narrow Term (NT) Associative: Related Term (RT) Scope Note (SN)

Final Term Selection:

Final Term Selection Completion of Terms-- Total Terms: 127 Preferred Terms: 112 Non-Preferred Terms: 15

Final Term Selection:

Final Term Selection The final phase in building the LFL Thesaurus Scope Notes: Applying when needed Notation: Classified Index and Alphabetical Index Expressive Notation: Allows room for term expansion Alphabetical Index



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