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Primary and secondary source to assist in social studies instruction.


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Using primary and secondary sources in social studies:

Using primary and secondary sources in social studies By: remy antoine

What is a primary source?:

What is a primary source? A primary source is a source that comes from first hand information. Examples include: Artifacts Letters Journals Diaries Autobiographies Speeches Original photographs or paintings

What is a secondary source?:

What is a secondary source? A secondary source is a source that is not first hand information. The creators of these sources use analyze and interpret information from the past to create a source of information. Examples include: Textbooks Encyclopedias Articles about a particular event from the past or person from the past

Primary sources and history:

Primary sources and history With the use of various primary sources, students are able to have something tangible to help them synthesize or analyze events in history. Artifacts help with gaining information about the past. Journals help students understand point of views from the past. Photographs can help students to visually see how people of the past dressed, where they lived, or even things they did.

Secondary sources and history:

Secondary sources and history Secondary sources allow for students access to information that will help them synthesize and analyze events or social studies concepts. Textbooks provide information about various topics written by historians Documentaries offer multiple views on various historical topics Specialized maps can offer students an understanding of the voyages and immigration/emigration paths that people from the past have taken.

Collection of sources:

Collection of sources


Answers Primary- artifacts Secondary- specialized map Secondary- textbook Primary- original photograph Primary- original journal entry Primary- original newspaper article

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