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Wondering what to do before making move to your new house? Worried about how to take care of everything in time? So, before you stress yourself with the thought of exasperating task of moving house, just take a deep breath and keep reading our moving house checklist. This will help you stay updated with the week-by-week timeline for a smooth transition. Nobody wants to be surrounded by packing boxes and still pending with the major things. So, download our moving house checklist PDF to have a trusty sidekick in the moving house battle.


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Things To Do When Moving House:

Things To Do When Moving House


 Dream it. Believe it. Build it . 2


Moving house? Worried how to manange everything just in time. Do not stress yourself, just follow our step by step guide to house moving. Our step by step user guide to house moving , will ease the process of house moving. 3


Start looking for a removalists company for your impending move. Exercise caution while hiring a removals company. Take quotations from atleast three best removals company. Do not forget to check their reviews or feedbacks from their existing clients . 5

2. De-Clutter:

2 . De-Clutter


Sort out your belongings and discard the one’s which you no longer use. You can either donate at a near by Charity home or sell off them. This will ensure that, you only carry those which is of use to you. 7


Use good quality packing material. Try to use hard wooden boxes for packing your belongings. Ensure that the base of the box is stuffed with materials such as thermocoal, newspaper . S o as to act as shock absorber. 9

4. Fragile Items:

4 . Fragile Items


Fragile Items are your house hold items which can break easily during the move including wine glass, dinner set. Use Bubble wraps and packing papers to pack breakable items. Pack them separately in a box . Label the box as “FRAGILE ITEMS” and “THIS SIDE UP” in bold letters. 11


Unplug the fridge and clean it throughly, couple of days before the moving day. Keep it in an open room and let it dry. Once the fridge is dried, pack the fridge using the hard card box. 13


On Moving day, prepare a house moving checklist. Brief the removalist regarding your belongings. Try to move when the traffic is minimum on your selected route. O nce you reach your new house, unpack and make new friends at new place. 15

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