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Smart choice when it comes to Remote Gates, Auto Gates, Automatic Gates, Sliding Gates, Gate Opener.


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Home Automation:

Home Automation By:- http:- http//remotegate.co.in

Product Of Home Automation:

Product Of Home Automation Auto Pump Controler Remote Lights Automatic Lights Remote Curtains

Auto Pump Controler:

Auto Pump Controler Water Level Controller, It starts automatically when the level of the water is lower than described limit and it turns OFF the pump automatically, when the tank gets filled up. So there is never shortage or overflow of water.

Remote Lights:

Remote Lights This is a Complete Switch Board along with Remote Control and can be Fixed Replaced Directly into the space provided for your existing switch board. No Alteration Required while Installation.

Automatic Lights:

Automatic Lights Meet stringent utility standards for street& highway lighting. Delayed response prevents false switching due to light from vehicles, lightning, etc.

Remote Curtains:

Remote Curtains Products information: - Motorized curtain track system for contract as well as residential use. - Excellent security device when homes are unoccupied - The optional of wireless remote control including handset and wall switch. - Easy ceiling or wall fitting.

Advantages of Remote Control System:

Advantages of Remote Control System System saves unnecessary wiring and switches cost of 2 way switching. Spark less and contact less switching increases switches life. Prevents children from risk of electric shock and short circuit. It is a boon for physically handicapped persons. Can be installed in all hospital rooms used for bed ridden patients. All bed rooms used by elderly and aged people

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