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What Is Enterprise Data Security And How To Protect Your Enterprise Data In today’s business world protecting your business data is no longer a luxury. As there is an increase in cybersecurity attacks there is a need for protecting the enterprise data. What is Enterprise Data Security Enterprise data security is about monitoring and managing security in all aspects to ensure that data is secure within an organization. Enterprise data security is also known as enterprise data protection. Enterprise data security primarily works and manages data security standards How to Protect Your Enterprise Data 1. Apply Unique Passwords It’s unfortunate that people use the same password for all the tools or sites. The very first thing we do is to advise employees to use unique passwords for each vendor sites they access. It is better to change the passwords every month once. Ask your employees to create a strong password that not easily guessed they’re covered. 2. Protect Portable Devices Today we not only have laptops but smartphones and tablets too. In addition removable disks have grown enormously in their capacity. While

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portability has come with numerous efficiency advantages the risk of theft and loss is much higher than it is for desktop computers. To protect the data on portable devices organizations should ensure the gadgets are encrypted password-protected and where applicable can be disabled remotely. 3. Enterprise Security Software There are many enterprise security software that protects office data or applications securely. By the help of enterprise security software one can work on any device anytime anywhere. Businesses should therefore encrypt their most critical information such as passwords and credit card information emails data and applications to ensure that it’s unreadable even if a hacker stumbles upon it.

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