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The car technicians are willing to explore their knowledge in this field, because with changing technology of car manufacturing the methods of maintaining its machinery and repairs has also undergone vast changes.


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Know Which Car Tuning Course is Beneficial The concept of car tuning has equally gained huge popularity across the word among both the car owners and car technicians. The owners of vehicle are getting it done for enhancing the performance of their car in terms of both fuel efficiency and power generation efficiency the car technicians are willing to explore their knowledge in this field because with changing technology of car manufacturing the methods of maintaining its machinery and repairs has also undergone vast changes. Today the mechanical settings of a vehicle have become more digital rather than manual going through this where it is becoming difficult for the technicians of old school to look after mechanical functions of cars of today’s generation manually. On the other side it has become imperative for the mechanics of today’s generation to get themselves acquainted with latest technical aspects of car mechanism which more digital. But the problem which most of the technicians face in the beginning of their career is that nowadays there are different types of car tuning courses initiated by the technical institutes that it becomes difficult for them to decide that which course is better for them. Although there is not much difference between any of them and their main objective is to enhance the performance of a vehicle which has declined due to regular driving during the course of time since its purchase.

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The reason due to which they face problem in selecting the best course for their profession is due to different software determined for tuning purpose. Going through this problem today we shall be focussing on the different courses determined for car tuning. 1. Swiftec Training Master: 5 Day ECU Remapping Tuning Course Diesel and Gasoline: Wether you are an orthodox technician or a novice technician this five day course is the best option for you to explore your knowledge about tuning the car. The main objective of this course is to train the aspirants in the method of car tuning alone without any of help of an expert. The course begins with an introduction to ECU Remapping afte which the students are taught the methods of tuning an engine with help of Swiftec software along with methods of using deactivations side of Swiftec. The topics covered under this course are a. Using deactivation models examples DPF EGR ETC 02 and speed limiters b. Remapping the diesel engine c. Remapping the gasoline engine d. Remapping gasoline NA and e. Remapping gasoline turbo.

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Apart from this depending upon the interest of students different types of Swiftec courses are offered to them. These courses are:  SWIFTEC MASTER: 3 DAY COMBINED DIESEL GASOLINE COURSE  SWIFTEC MASTER: 3 DAY GASOLINE TUNING COURSE  SWIFTEC MASTER: 3 DAY DIESEL TUNING COURSE  SWIFTEC MASTER: 1 DAY ADVANCED TUNING COURSE 2. Alientech ECM Course: 5 Day advanced tuning course diesel and gasoline: An interesting feature of this course which makes it different from other courses is the facility of enrolling in it either as a regular students or as distance learning student depending upon your availability. If you register for distance learning course in that case it will be divided in different training sessions or modules according to your preference. On the other side students registering for classroom sessions are offered the facility of on-hands training along with class room lectures. During classroom session students are given privilege of determining their personal parameters by using the Alientech software and check its results. Along with this they are also assigned home word at the end of every day. Topics covered during the course are: a. Intrdouction to remapping b. Understanding the mechanical aspects of diesel engine c. Fuel injection system d. Air Intake system e. Antipollution systems f. Superchargning system

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g. Understanding the working of ECU h. ECM Titanium software tour i. Alientech data bank j. Diesel tuning k. Gasoline tuning and l. Petrol turbochargning tuning 3. Alientech 1 Day Chip tuning bench tuning Tricore and DSG tuning course: The tuning of a vehicle is not restricted only to cas but also includes tuning the trucks buses and other types of commercial vehicles. Keeping the tuning requirements of different vehicles in concern this 1 day tuning course is helpful in exploring the reach of technicians to other vehicles especially those who are categorized as anti-tune. During this course the students understand the appropriate method or software for achieving the desired results. Well the above mentioned courses are just a description about tuning courses there are various courses in which depending upon your interest you can register and explore your car tuning course.

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