Simple 8 Ways for Hair & Health in 2018

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The New Year is a good time to make positive changes. Let go of what is not working. And do things that will upgrade your life to the next level. I’m going to show some ideas to make your hair and health better this New Year.


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Simple Ways for Hair Health

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There is no such thing as ‘perfect hair’. Whether your hair is too fine too thin thick curly frizzy or damaged – let go of the struggle and simply love it the way it is. Love Your Hair

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Harsh synthetic products not just harm our skin and hair they go down the drain and end up in a stream groundwater rivers ocean and eventually in our tap. Buy Natural Products

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The food you eat becomes you after a few hours. It builds your skin hair organs blood muscles and bones. It can also affect your mood your sleep and your concentration. EatWell

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Many people think exercise or physical activity is only about losing weight and/or building muscles but it’s so much more than that. Exercise

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Eating probiotics are the new trend these days but it contains the wisdom of generations. Probiotics are living microorganisms both bacteria and yeast that reside mainly in our intestine. Without them you would have a tough time digesting the food as well as absorbing the nutrients. Eat Yogurt

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It’s a piece of advice yogis or sages have given for thousands of years: focus on your breath and relax. You will watch the stress melt away from your mind and body and all your worries will seem trivial. Practice Meditation

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Having too much stuff is a formula for added stress. It takes our precious time and energy to manage the belongings. Edit Your Stuff

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We always postpone our happiness until tomorrow. We look at happiness as something that will come after we achieve certain thing: Be Happy Now

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