Can Hair Transplant Done Diabetic Patient

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The result of hair transplant is as good as a non-diabetic patient. Diabetes is not a contraindication for Hair Restoration. Any diabetic patient with his controlled blood sugar is as normal as a common man; he can undergo any major surgery like heart surgery and minor surgery like hair transplants.


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He should follow some general instructions which are applied to all diabetic patient Dr. Anil Kumar Garg, M.S, M.Ch , FISHRS Diplomate American Board of Hair Restoration Hon. Secretory of AHRS India Member AAHRS Dr. Seema Garg, M.B.B.S., M.Sc Diplomate American Board of Hair Restoration Member ISHRS, AHRS

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Eat H ealthily Exercise - Having an active lifestyle helps you control your diabetes by bringing down your blood sugar. Your goal should be 30 minutes of activity that makes you sweat and breathe little harder most days of the week.

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Get check-ups. If you’re not getting regular checkups, now’s the time to start. See your doctor at least twice a year . Manage Stress - When you’re stressed, your blood sugar levels go up. And when you’re anxious, you may not manage your diabetes well. You may forget to exercise, eat right, or take your prescribed drugs. Find ways to relieve stress – through deep breathing, yoga, or hobbies that relax you.

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Stop Smoking :- Watch your alcohol. Avoiding excess alcohol may make it easier to control your blood sugar. Drinking alcohol can make your blood sugar go too high or too low.

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