Myths About Hair Transplant Surgery

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Read the most common question asked by patient,


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Myths About Hair Transplant Surgery “ Some Common Question Asked by Patient ”

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Why is Hair Transplant a Better Option for Baldness? To get natural hair back hair transplant is the best option, It is cost effective and requires no maintenance. various problems faced by the persons using wig or patch and they require maintenance also. “The biggest advantage of hair transplant is you can get natural hair with good density and they are permanent in nature. “

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Is Hair Transplant a Safe Treatment? Yes, hair transplant is an absolutely safe procedure, It is done under local anaesthesia You can go home on the same day and can do your routine work from the very next day.

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Who is The Best Doctor for Hair Transplant? Everybody who wants hair transplant search for the best cost of hair transplant in India doctor. The best doctor is the doctor who has authentic education degree from recognized by medical council of India, or American board-certified doctor and practicing hair transplant as his first domain.

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A Hair Transplant Gives You an Immediate Result? In the Hair transplant, surgeon transfer roots from donor area to recipient area. These roots start growing 3-4 months after Hair Transplant. Then they grow at the normal rate of 1-1.5 cm per month.

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Can Hair Transplant Not be Done in an Old Age? Age is no bar for hair transplant surgery , it can be done even in 70–80 year old person. The only thing is they must be healthy, or if have any disease like diabetes, asthma, or hypertension must be under control.

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Can Hair Transplants be done in Men Only? Hair transplant can be done in both male and female. This is true that men suffer from androgenetic alopecia more commonly and that is why Hair transplant is more commonly done in men.

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Transplanted Hairs Need Lots of Care and They May Fall? Transplanted hairs are like your other natural hair with the additional advantage that they do not fall because they are not having receptors for androgen. It should be very clear in mind that they do not need any special care .

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Hair Transplant Gives You Original Density? It is very difficult to get an original density of age 16 by hair transplant. If the area to be transplanted is limited then you may get high density, but in case of progressive hair loss, we have to think for future also. By hair transplant even if we get 50% of natural density, It gives a look of a head full of hair .

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Frequent Washing of Hair After Hair Transplant Should be Avoided? Washing of head has no adverse effect on transplanted hair, you may wash your head as many times you want but with balanced shampoo.

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Once Hair Transplant is Done, You Will Not Need it in Future ? You may need more sitting of hair transplant in future, if you want to improve your density or want to cover your remaining bald area.

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