World War II

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World War II:

Regina Ang Lee World War II

Content Standards:

Content Standards 11.7 . 1. Examine the origins of American involvement in the war, with an emphasis on the events that precipitated the attack on Pearl Harbor . 11.7. 3. Identify the roles and sacrifices of individual American soldiers, as well as the unique contributions of the special fighting forces 11.7. 5. Discuss the constitutional issues and impact of events on the U.S. home front, including the internment of Japanese Americans and the restrictions on German and Italian resident aliens; the response of the administration to Hitler’s atrocities against Jews and other groups; the roles of women in military production; and the roles and growing political demands of African Americans.

Big ideas / Skills :

Big ideas / Skills Big Ideas / Unit Goals: Why did the U.S involvement in the war take so long and how did it impact our economy ? How did the changing role of women impact their ideals in comparison to their previous roles? What effect did special task forces have on marginalized groups? 21st Century Skills : Through learning about propaganda of both sides of the war, students will acquire a better understanding of media literacy In studying court cases and how the U.S treated Japanese, German and Italian citizens, students will develop their civic liberty understanding. By learning and understanding about special forces groups, students can use both their critical thinking and collaborative skills and further develop those

Objectives / Assessment :

Objectives / Assessment Student learning objectives: Be able to analyze the events that led up to the U.S involvement in World War II Evaluate the treatment of minorities (women, African Americans) and how they changed over the course of their involvement in the war. Describe the impact of special forces in the cause of the war and analyze the makeup of these forces. Assessment  Pre-learning : Progressive brainstorm: students will come together in groups and write what they know about WWII and then go around and do the same to other groups and then come together to see what they've learned Formative: Postcards- students will be given a person either of significance or just a layman and describe a historical event from their viewpoint Summative: project based on a historical figure mentioned over the unit; creating an action figure of them, complete with allies and archenemies and a location and weapons as well as power and weaknesses

Activities :

Activities Barrier Crossword: Students will work in pairs to fill out two different crosswords where the answers on one compliment the clues on the other and vice versa. Language Analysis: Using propaganda from both sides of the conflict, students will try to figure out what the propaganda was in response to, or what it was meant for. Then they’ll come up with either their own propaganda for the U.S in response to specific conflicts.


Why WWII I think that there is an almost endless amount of things to learn from World War II and there are some aspects that we don't teach with it. But, from some of the pictures I've chosen, I hopefully have made it clear that I want to teach this type of unit in conjunction with comic books because they're just as full of historical information and they're something that most students like to read. They're engaging and are a way to study history in itself -the propaganda used, the storylines and how they line up with has been happening in the time period. I think that comics cover topics that classes sometimes don't and I want to use that information and engage students in a variety of ways, and use a media that is on the up and up to make it fun for them.

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