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Excel Engineering and Consultant, one of the leading distillery plant manufacturers in India, offers turnkey solutions helping business owners set up a cost-effective and resource-efficient distillation plant supplier. Visit- http://www.regreenexcel.com/distillery-plants.html


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Distillation Plant Supplier The simple term used to denote the process of separation of liquid from one another depending on their volatile nature is distillation technology. One general use of this technology is in the production of alcohol. Excel Engineering and Consultant one of the leading distillery plant manufacturers in India offers turnkey solutions helping business owners set up cost-effective and resource-efficient distillation plant supplier. Excel India applies the latest distillation technology to ensure an optimized distillation process without incurring excess energy.

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Types Of Distillation: Vacuum Distillation- During vacuum distillation the pressure in the distillation equipment is reduced. Because of this reduced pressure the boiling temperature of the mixture which is supposed to be separated is lowered. Molecular Distillation- Molecular distillation is a distillation which is accomplished in the medium vacuum range 1 – 0001 mbar. In this method of distillation the distance between pattern and condenser is very small which leads to a short distillation phase. Overpressure Distillation- During overpressure distillation the pressure inside the equipment is increased and due to the increased pressure the boiling points of the individual substances are moved apart. This procedure is used to separate substances with a very low boiling point e.g. liquid gas. Features of Distillery Plant: The latest distillation technology coupled up with a customized and robust design along with a comprehensive commissioning process make Excel India one of the most reliable distillation plant supplier in India. Here are some of the features of the distillery plant.  Smart and efficient design to match the modern-age distillation needs.  Exclusively designed distillation columns with modern distillation tray for increased life and efficiency at the most competitive cost.  Lowest steam usage.  Compliant with all the necessary standards rules and regulations. Benefits of Distillery Plant:  Here are some of the benefits of the distillery plant.  Hassle-free plant operation  Optimum performance assured at all times.  15-20 reduction in the operational costs.  Customized plants for customized distillation process.

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How Distillation Technology Works • The process for distillation technically begins with converting raw material into grains. In the process starch gets transformed into sugar. • For complete conversion of sugar into alcohol water is mixed with the mash in the fermentation process. In the distillation process the fermented mixture is driven towards a condenser a mechanical device for pre-heating before passing through the distillation column. • The accurate heating of the mash in the Extra Neutral Alcohol Plant causes alcohol to boil and evaporate. The steam is then cooled to room temperature and the residue left at the bottom of the column is allowed to free flow to tanks. This leftover is high in nutrition and is a useful waste often used as fodder. Excel India isn’t limited to designing and executing the plant but also works as a consultant to help business owners choose the right plant design and optimize the distillation process in an energy-efficient and cost-effective manner. Contact Us:  Address- 604-605 Pride kumar Senate Phase-I S.B. Road Shivajinagar Pune- 411016 MaharashtraINDIA  Email-id- salesregreenexcel.com  Phone no- +91- 2041070100  Website- www.regreenexcel.com

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