Broadband and the Tas Polytechnic

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Planning for Broadband @ Home and on Campus

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Tasmanian NBN Rollout

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Tasmanian NBN Rollout Tas Polytechnic Campuses and Centres

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‘Virtually Here’ Project 2010 Hospitality and Tourism Students High Bandwidth Connecting rural and remote learners

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Second Life & Reaction Grid – Virtual Hotel

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The Marksman Hotel Immersive training

Virtual world video : 

Virtual world video Virtual hands on – immersive learning “Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand.” Chinese Proverb

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Tasmanian Polytechnic 3D Meeting & Exhibition Space 2010 VW Project Standard Browser Communication Exhibition Inspiration High Bandwidth

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Student Presentation Reflection Assessment CV Tasmanian Polytechnic Online Folios Project 2009/10 High Bandwidth

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Broadband enables HD video Larger pictures 3D animation Tasmanian Polytechnic Online Folios Project 2009/10 Videos – Photos - Files

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Broadband Enabled Online Courses Videos, Scenarios, VoiceThreads, Animations

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Broadband Enabled Online Courses Cloud Computing Galleries: Sharing, critique, mentoring, local  global Creative Arts

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Monday UTAS project Tuesday Campus Wed Home Study Thurs Campus Fri WORK Personal Learning Network Personal Learning Plan Project-Based Learning – Student-Directed Inquiry

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Cloud Computing Global Identity & Collaboration

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Virtual Gallery Project 2009/10 Showcase Celebrate Discuss Building local and global connections High Bandwidth

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Conversation Bots & Artificial Intelligence Virtual Gallery Project 2009/10

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Virtual Campus 2010/11 Project High Bandwidth

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Serious online games building skills addressing local, global issues increasing engagement joining networks

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3D possibilities with Broadband Google Earth NEW 2010 VERSION High Bandwidth

2011 Rapid PrototypingJust press PRINT : 

2011 Rapid PrototypingJust press PRINT Blending the virtual and the physical High Bandwidth

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Virtual meetings, Video conferencing, Tele-presence Connected Culture Personalised Immersive Open & ‘beta’ Collaborative Global Tele-presence High Bandwidth

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Proposed Projects 2011 NBN @ Home Broadband Workshops for NBN rollout towns Broadband learning resources online – video conference Student ICT Helpdesk Life Long Learning – Achieving goals Campus @ Home Learning possibilities of high-speed broadband Virtual Campus Augmented learning

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Research & Innovation Action Research Student/Staff Partnerships People Directions Project Proposed Projects 2011

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Broadband Agenda…

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Tasmanian Skills Strategy

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Roger Stack

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