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Introduction to flexible learning in Student-Directed Inquiry course


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Interactive Media 2/3 C Digital Projects 2/3 C February 2008

This course promotes: learning skills and ways of thinking essential for living and working in the 21st century.: 

This course promotes: learning skills and ways of thinking essential for living and working in the 21st century.


Taking risks Creativity & innovation Working ethically Global awareness Thinking about thinking Working individually & collaboratively Inquiry Making connections


Inquiry… Personal interest Deep Trans-disciplinary Self-paced & self-directed Working beyond the timetable


Learning… Personalised Reflective Individual & Collaborative Flexible

Personalised Learning @ HC in 2008: 

Clipart: MS Office Online Personalised Learning @ HC in 2008

Personalised Learning?: 

Personalised Learning? Choose your ‘learning goals’ Learn at your own pace Negotiate attendance and participation Assessment to help your learning

Your Online Identity: 

Your Online Identity

Your Online Identity: 

Your Online Identity Set your privacy Choose your friends Be professional Support others GET HIRED – NOT FIRED!

Browser Choice: 

Browser Choice We recommend you use Firefox because: It’s more reliable inside our firewall You can customise it You can install it on a USB memory device

Your Learning Goals: 

Your Learning Goals Choose your ‘learning goals’ Set target dates Record progress RSS

Your Learning Network: 

Your Learning Network Customise your profile & privacy Choose your friends Join networks and groups RSS

Your Learning Log: 

Your Learning Log Customise your profile Choose who to follow Say what you are learning RSS

Your Online Desktop: 

Your Online Desktop or tabbed browsing Customise your profile & theme Add tabs and gadgets Organise desktop RSS or

Your Learning Journal: 

Your Learning Journal Blog Customise your profile Set privacy level Write (or record audio or video) about your learning RSS Or another service

Your Online Presence: 

Your Online Presence Office Communicator Register Add contacts Set status & IM

Research Tool: Notebook: 

Research Tool: Notebook Register Add and share notebooks Clip sites and add notes

Research Tool: Bookmarks: 

Research Tool: Bookmarks Register Add to network Add bookmarks and labels RSS

Research Tool: Reader: 

Research Tool: Reader Register Add RSS feeds Read and comment RSS

Learning Space: Moodle: 

Learning Space: Moodle Register Customise Participate

Learning Space: MySite: 

Learning Space: MySite Create Customise Add links, modules and alerts Share files

Learning Spaces: Virtual Worlds: 

Learning Spaces: Virtual Worlds Entry by Invitation Register Customise avatar Participate

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