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Flexible Learning SurveyTasmanian Polytechnic : 

Flexible Learning SurveyTasmanian Polytechnic March 4th 2009

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Survey method: Email Sample size: 210 Population size: 2078 Date: 4th March 2009 Respondents 61% access ICT while working from home

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Email Response Time Email sent 8:40am 8:00-9:00am next day ‘Polytechnic Survey about You’ emailed to 2078 staff. 10% replied - 92% of those within 12 hrs

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Distribution of respondents across sectors/areas

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Membership/subscription of professional bodies

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ICT Devices Used by Staff

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Filetypes uploaded to a web service

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Applications or web services used by staff (not necessarily for learning/teaching)

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Learning technologies used with learners Processes used with learners

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Useful websites as an educational professional Services used at those websites

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Key Needs Efficient access from multiple devices, desktops, locations Efficient and effective information processes and tools Efficient and effective dialogue processes and tools Efficient and effective collaboration processes and tools Sourcing existing flexible learning resources – for self & learners Customising existing and creating new learning resources Engaging ‘digital’ learners Access to computers for learners (on some campuses) Faster access for staff (on some campuses)

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