Pharmacology Course AADES 2011

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Nursing Blended Learning:

Nursing Blended Learning AADES July 2011


Directions Course Agenda New Training Package Wide range of existing learning resources Agile course development Learning Agenda Engage students Blended online and face-to-face L earning communities Reflective practice Mentoring


Directions eLearning Agenda WebCT Feedback – largely negative WebCT discontinued after 2011 Moodle Flexibility Mahara Learner centred (adult learner) Integration with Moodle Mentoring options Competency tagging


Background Assessment & QA Agenda Tracking participation Automating assessment Student responsibility for own learning Assessment Formal/informal Teacher/peer Formative/summative ePortfolios

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Design Develop Evaluate Traditional eLearning Design Quality Learning Journey Reflection Reflection Release

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Design Implement Evaluate Design Implement Evaluate Design Implement Evaluate QUALITY Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Agile Development ‘Perpetual Beta’ Learning Journey Reflection Reflection Release Release Release Reflection Sub-optimal

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Online access Usernames/passwords Registration Home - URLs/shortcuts Online course Navigation Processes Assessment Online communities Profiles ‘Friends’ Groups Forums Reflection Journal Tags Course ePortfolio

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Text as animated audio

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Course Community Forum

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Voice Thread – Reply with text, audio or webcam

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Pharmacology YouTube Playlist

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Scenario-based learning

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Scenario-based learning

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Learning Journey Students – Diverse skills in ICT, learning, online learning Staff – O nline Learning, Teaching & Assessment Support – Agile Development, Services and Hosting

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Learning Journey Students Staff Support Professional Practice Life-long Learner Professional Practice Teacher Qual Professional Practice eLearning Strategy

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Challenges ICT service provision Why not WebCT ? Why external hosting? Support? Staff Why blended learning? Why online community? Why social networking? Have to read everything. Have to do everything. Students Why computers? Why no IT support? Support staff Why social networking? Why agile development? Why open journals? Why sub-optimal?

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Activity Logs

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Activity Logs

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Quizzes, Crosswords, Short Answer, Word Doc…

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Question Results

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Grades Report

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ePortfolio Community

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Class Groups

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Class Forums

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Group Announcements

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Online Introductions

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Student Groups

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Journals Competency Tag

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Views & Tags Competency Tag

Where next? National Nursing Expo Story… :

Where next? National Nursing Expo Story…

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