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open house for a 6th grade English Class


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OPEN HOUSE Columbus Middle School Date 2/15/2013 Mrs. Regina W. Smith

Welcome Parents!:

Welcome Parents! Welcome to Mrs. Smith’s 6 th Grade English Class!!!!. Goals: To Find out what your child will be doing To find out the expectations for your child To share information about how parents can support their child’s learning.

Curriculum Goals:

Curriculum Goals Distinguish between proper nouns and adjectives. Use Commas in series Combine sentences-Compound & Complex Proper Punctuation Sentence types Identify simple subject & verbs * The objectives will be from the Mississippi Department of Education

Supply List:

Supply List Parents, please feel free to add extra items for donations. 2 -3 inch binders 1-backpack 1-pack of black ink pens 1-pack of red ink pens. 1- 3 pack of colored highlighters 6-subject dividers 3-pack of college ruled paper

Class Information:

Class Information Student will be graded on a ten point grading scale. Progress reports will go out every nine weeks Students will have home work Mon-Fri. Students will be provided a school calendar book with important dates and activities, including marked holidays. A syllabus will be provide; please pick up a copy before you leave

Class Rules:

Class Rules Be respectful . Be responsible . Follow directions . Be punctual . Be organized . Be a self-starter. Be prepared .

School Policies:

School Policies All students are expected to follow all rules and regulations outlined in the CMS Columbus Municipal School District Handbook. 2 tardies equal a warning 5 tardies equal after school detention 10 tardies equal 5 days of ISD Zero Tolerance to Bullying, fire arms and Fighting School cancellations will be notified via phone blast Emergency procedures and dills are completed three times a year. Car riders must be at school by 7:45 am After-school activities will be noted via letter.

Get Involved!:

Get Involved! Parents are encouraged to join our PTA; there will be a sign up sheet on the table There will be a parent breakfast after the first nine weeks to celebrate all honor roll students.


Questions? Please fill out a short questionnaire about your child.

Contact Information:

Contact Information School ( 662) 241-7160 Cell (662) 386-0556(please call before 7:30 a.m.) E-mail:

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