Tips for Moving Off Campus

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Thinking about moving off-campus? It is exciting as well as scary task for most of the students. Before you go through an independent world, keep some things in mind. Here is a list of tips that can make your off-campus living much easier.


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Tips for Moving Off Campus

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Living off campus is a goal for many university students, especially those who want to live alone. Having roommates can be advantageous, but also frustrating. Fortunately, there are many off campus housing options that students can afford without roommates. However, a lot of responsibility comes with living on your own. It may be scary and a big undertaking, but there are some tips that can make living alone much easier.

Learn Some Basic Domestic Skills:

Learn Some Basic Domestic Skills There’s something about taking care of yourself that’s just satisfying. Learning basic skills can give you the tools you need to take good care of yourself. Skills like performing basic home repairs, cooking, cleaning, doing the laundry and grocery shopping are essential when living alone.

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Knowing how to do these things can save you a lot of money and frustration. For example, it’s more cost-effective and pleasurable to shop for groceries and cook than to order takeout or eat frozen dinners every night.

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Knowing how to unclog the toilet or sink as well perform basic maintenance and troubleshoot problems will also come in handy. You won’t have to call the landlord or maintenance for every little hiccup.

Create a Budget:

Create a Budget Because you won’t be sharing expenses with roommates, you’ll need to create a feasible budget. Living expenses and utilities can add up quickly, so you might want to look for Brock University off campus housing that’s inclusive.

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This means your utilities will be included in the monthly rent. Inclusive apartments can be slightly more expensive, but well worth the small rent hike. Having your utilities already paid could leave room in your budget for other necessities and/or luxuries . To save even more money, you should consider a small apartment or even any rooms for rent St. Catharine’s offers.

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Smaller or bachelor apartments and rooms will be cheaper to furnish and maintain. However, no matter where you live, remember to create a monthly budget and include utilities, cable and Wi-Fi, groceries, personal hygiene products, paper products and other home essentials.

Consider Your Own Safety:

Consider Your Own Safety Living alone can be scary, in more ways than one. For university students, certain dangers are heightened even more. This means you’ll need to rent an apartment that’s safe and located in a safe neighbourhood . Check out your community and neighbourhood online and in person before moving in.

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Since you’ll most likely be moving into student housing, ask other students about the apartments and surrounding community. Walk around, get a feel for the neighbourhood and look for any amenities and transportation within walking distance of your home . For even more security, you might consider installing a security system or moving into a secure building. Additionally, you could create a check-in system with a friend.

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