Important Viral Diseases

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Viral Disease:

Microorganisms Viral Disease

Viral Diseases:

Viral Diseases Disease caused by viruses have been known and feared for thousands of years. Likely this is because viral disease are very hard to cure as antibiotics are ineffective against them. Certain viruses are also linked to cancer in humans. Ex. Hepatitis B (liver cancer), Epstein-Barr Virus ( Burkitt’s Lymphoma), and Human Papilloma Virus (cervical cancer)

Important Viral Diseases:

Important Viral Diseases AIDS: Immune System Failure: STD, contaminated needles, blood contact Common Cold: Sinus congestion, sneezing, muscle aches: Inhalation, direct contact Ebola: High fever, uncontrolled bleeding: Contaminated blood/body fluids Hepatitis A: Flu-like symptoms, swollen liver, jaundice: Contaminated blood, food, or water

Important Viral Diseases:

Important Viral Diseases Hepatitis B: Flu-like symptoms, swollen liver, jaundice, liver cancer: Sexual contact, contaminated blood, food or water Influenza (flu): Fever, chills, body aches, sneezing, congestion: Inhalation Mumps: Painful swelling of saliva glands: Inhalation Polio: Fever, headache, stiff neck, paralysis: contaminated food or water

Important Viral Diseases:

Important Viral Diseases Rabies: Mental depression, madness, paralysis, convulsions, death: Infected animal bite SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome): High fever, headache, dry cough, death: Inhalation Small Pox: Blisters, lesions, fever, malaise, blindness, death: Inhalation Yellow Fever: Fever, weakness, yellow skin, death: Bite of infected mosquito.

Emerging Viruses:

Emerging Viruses Newly recognized or discovered viruses are said to be emerging. In 1999 a mosquito-borne virus called West Nile Virus invaded the US. It was probably brought over from Africa by an infected bird as it is common in Africa and eastern Europe. People who are infected by mosquito bites experience moderately sever flu-like symptoms. In some cases, brain swelling can occur which leads to death.

Other Particles:

Other Particles In 1982, Stanley Prusiner of Stanford University discovered a new class of pathogen. A Prion is composed of proteins but have no nucleic acids. The protein is shaped incorrectly which does not allow the protein to do its correct job. Any normal protein that comes into contact with a prion will be misshaped as well and it will no longer function. This seems to spread through out the body like a chain reaction Mad Cow Disease is caused by prions .

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