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Reelpower OG BOP Control Umbilical Reels are capable of handling up to 13,500 feet of Electrical and Fiber MUX or Hot Line hose umbilical. BOP Control reels are used to store, the wind and deploy umbilical that control the subsea wellhead Blow Out Preventer.


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DEEPWATER REELS UMBILICAL BOP CONTROL REELS PATENTED AND PATENTS PENDING Lower Your Operating Costs Improve Safety • Trusted Partner – Radoil has manufactured more Umbilical Reels than anyone in the World. • Patented Adjustable Fleet Angle allows greater fexibility in locating equipment and more accurate sheave alignment. • Patent Pending “Smart Reel” Constant Tension prevents damage to cable and equipment never exceeding the riser speed. • Patented Slip Clutch Safety Feature Prevents Damage to the Cable and Equipment. • Patent Pending Power Brake Assist reduces air response time of braking. • Powered Level-wind Adjustment gives easy access to correct level-wind on the fy. 8780 West Road Houston TX 77064 713937-4494

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8780 West Road | Houston TX 77064 713937-4494 | WE SOLVE DEEPWATER PROBLEMS Our goal is to identify challenges design innovative solutions and manufacture quality products that solve your deepwater problems. Our business is saving you time and money. Radoil has produced umbilical reels for almost every deepwater application. Radoil has developed many patented and patent pending features that improve the reliability and safety of the umbilical deployment and Lower the Operating Costs of the user. • Our Smart Reel Constant Tension CT-2 Patent Pending system controls the motor and slip clutches to maintain a constant tension on the umbilical whether the reel is full or near empty. The smart system also prevents the reel from deploying faster than the riser. • The patented “Banana Curve” Adjustable Angle Level-wind allows the feet angle to be adjusted within a 110 o range allowing umbilical deployment from the vertical to just below the horizontal position. This allows greater fexibility for placing the reels on the vessel. • The Power Brake Assist Patent Pending system reduces the brake response time and allows better control of the brakes at lower supply air pressure. • The patented Slip Clutch allows the spool to deploy umbilical even if the brakes are locked protecting the umbilical and sheave from damage in the event of unexpected riser movement. • The control system allows the user to operate the reels locally or from a remote control panel or both optional. DEEPWATER REELS Features Specs Options • Adjustable Level-wind Fleet Angle • Smart Reel Constant Tension • Slip Clutch Safety Feature • Available for up to 13500 ft of umbilical • High Pressure Hydraulic Swivels • Electric and Fiber Optic Slip Rings • Explosion Proof Controls • Balanced and/or Light Weight Spools • Umbilical Sheaves meet or exceed API 16D • Umbilical Riser Clamps • Remote Control Panels • Spare Parts Kits • Umbilical Rewind Service Reels Types Common Uses • Deepwater BOP Control MUX Multiplex – Electric and/or Fiber Optic Cables • Hotline - Hydraulic Hose • Multifunction Hydraulic POD • IWOCS • Dual Gradient • Riser Fill – Hydraulic Hose • Gas Handler • Annulus • Discreet PATENTED AND PATENTS PENDING

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