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The Reel Power OG Patented and Patent Pending Smart Reel® innovative technology automatically controls the umbilical tension during deployment and retrieval of riser. This technology extends the life of umbilical and makes it possible to run the riser without operator intervention. The Smart Reelalso prevents over-running of the umbilical preventing unwanted slack.


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8780 West Road Houston TX 77064 713937-4494 PATENTS PENDING Lowers Operating Costs Improves Safety • Lowers Operating Cost by automating the reel control during high value riser deployment times • Improves Safety by Automatically Controlling the Umbilical Tension – Protects the umbilical and down sheaves from Over-tension • Improves Operational Effciency by preventing umbilical from outrunning the riser – Automatically calculates the umbilical speed • Improves Safety with Intrinsically Safe Components • Improves Safety and Lowers Operating Cost – The Smart Reel upgrade offers near instantaneous response time from controls even mounted several hundred feet away • Available on New Radoil Reels and Field Retroft-able on existing Radoil Reels – BOP Control IWOCS Reels SMART REEL ADVANCED UMBILICAL REEL CONTROLS Slip Clutch Fail Safe Cylinders Rotary Union - Air Intrinsically Safe Control

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8780 West Road | Houston TX 77064 713937-4494 | PATENTS PENDING WE SOLVE DEEPWATER PROBLEMS Our goal is to identify challenges design innovative solutions and manufacture quality products that solve your deepwater problems. Our business is saving you time and money. Radoil’s Patents Pending Smart Reel Constant Tension Reel automatically reacts to the riser deployment and retrieval assuring that the umbilical is never under too great of tension or too light of tension allowing more material to pay off the reel than needed. The innovative Radoil Smart Reel system Lowers Your Operating Expenses: 1 The Smart Reel takes the operator out of the equation saving labor. If one operator is saved during riser deployments or retrievals this feature offers PAYBACK in just a few months. 2 The Smart Reel prevents damage and premature failure of the umbilical due to unintended operator error and/or over- tensioning of the umbilical. If one umbilical can be saved over a 2 year timeframe the Smart Reel will PAYBACK in just a few months. 3 The Smart Reel prevents the umbilical from over-running the riser deployment. Recovering from an over-run condition can take hours of high value rig time during riser deployment. The Smart Reel will pay for itself by preventing just one instant of an over-run condition. 4 The Smart Reel reduces the chance of damage to the umbilical support sheaves the reel and/or injury to personnel lowering your risk and operational costs. How the Smart Reel operates: 1 As the riser begins to deploy or retrieved the Smart Reel automatically calculates the build-up on the reel and adjusts the torque to maintain a constant umbilical tension. 2 As the riser is being deployed and a sudden stop occurs the reel recognizes the umbilical is being deployed faster than the riser and stops the reel from dispensing umbilical. 3 If riser is going down faster than the reel the reel automatically adjusts speed of umbilical deployment to maintain a constant umbilical tension. 4 As the riser begins to deploy the Smart Reel will prevent damage to the umbilical even if the operator is not available to control the reel. 5 The Smart Reel’s Fast Response optional feature replaces the pneumatic controls with near instantaneous reaction X-proof electric controls eliminating the delay inherent in pneumatic controls especially in applications where there is long lengths of air lines. The Smart Reel technology is far superior to standard constant torque control reels widely available on the market. A constant torque reel causes a tension variation of as much as 3 to 1 due to the change in the spooling radius as the umbilical is deployed. This variance in tension during deployment and retrieval can damage umbilical cables hoses and support sheaves unless the operator intervenes. ADVANCED UMBILICAL REEL CONTROLS SMART REEL FAST RESPONSE feature The Smart Reel system is available on new BOP IWOCS and/or Pod Hose reels plus it is designed to retroft current Radoil reels in the feld. Smart Reel Advantages: Fully Automatic Reel Operations - No operator input required during operations BOP Stack can be run from surface to the seafoor and retrieved with the reel automatically controlling tension Tension range material diameter and reel width are all driller settable Intrinsically safe and failsafe design Fast response feature is X-proof Retroft-able to Radoil reels currently on-board

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