Reel Life™ Gear That Keeps You Comfortable and Stylish on the Water

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Reel Life is the premier provider of the most comfortable, functional, stylish lines of fishing shirt for men and women available. Their fishing shirts feature UPF +50 UV protection, terrific sweat-wicking capacity, and they’re antimicrobial and stain resistant to boot. If you’re looking for an exceptional fishing shirt for men or women, get hooked on Reel Life™.


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More Than Great Shirts: Reel Life™ Gear That Keeps You Comfortable and Stylish on the Water

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More Than Great Shirts: Reel Life™ Gear That Keeps You Comfortable and Stylish on the Water The Reel Life™ story is the story of men and women who were raised on the water and wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s a story that began in Florida and has journeyed all the way to Minnesota. As the brand grows its focus remains sharp. It’s a focus on making the softest most stylish tees the highest-performance women and men fishing shirts the best-fitting hats and other gear that embodies a mindset of comfort on the water. That philosophy and their incredible shirts have spread the word about Reel Life™. However for those who appreciate keeping it “reel” they’ve got more than great fishing shirts to offer. Got You Covered Up Top For instance one of the most essential pieces of all-purpose clothing ever developed is the humble baseball hat. They cover your head when it’s cold keep the rain out of your eyes when it’s coming down and provide shade from the sun. Reel Life™ has optimized the form with its considerable collection of ultra-stylish rear-mesh snapback fishing hats. Keep It Shady Right beneath the brim of that hat awaits the perfect spot to place a pair of sunglasses. Reel Life™ sells an equally impressive selection of polarized shades with mirror coating that are terrific at reducing glare and blocking UVB and UVA rays. This is bound to only improve your fish-spotting prowess—plus you’ll look excellent at the same time.

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Performance Shirt or Long Sleeve Tee When it comes to the best shirt for a day on the water or even on the beach near the water— you do you informed outdoorsy types and anglers alike recognize that there is one perennial clothing question. Do you opt for a Reel Life™ high-performance fishing shirt for men or women or do you go with one of their more casual long sleeve tees The answer is largely a matter of preference and planned activity. If you’re going to be sweating on the business end of a deep-sea rod wrangling a kayak through whitewater being hit with spray or otherwise risking being wet down go for the performance shirt. If on the other hand it’s going to be a low-key day of lounging on a deck or casually enjoying the great outdoors opt for their long sleeve tee. Both options are tag-less breathable and lightweight. If on your outdoor adventures you’d benefit from a top that offers UPF +50 UV protection that’s resistant to stains is antimicrobial and moisture wicking then you’d best stock up on high-performance fishing shirts. Don’t Forget the Decal Finally whether it’s a day for seeking out performance women or men fishing shirts or a long sleeve tee don’t forget to pick up a Reel Life™ decal. People should know you were RaisedOnTheWater. After all enjoying life and enjoying the great outdoors means keeping it “reel” with Reel Life™. Find all of this gear and more online with Reel Life™ at

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