4 Ways to Reduce Your Sugar Intake

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4 Ways to Reduce Your Sugar Intake

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A nurse at the hospital received a call from a panicky patient. "Im diabetic and I think Ive had too much sugar today" the patient exclaimed. "Are you light-headed" the nurse asked. "No" the patient answered "Im a brunette." Maybe you have seen or heard that joke before. But even if were not diabetic we probably eat too much sugar. How Would You Answer Most people in the United States consume about 3 pounds of sugar every. . . o day o week o month o year If you guessed "week" youre right. Nowadays most of us are conditioned to repeatedly reach for foods that contain some form of sugar. But sugar addiction is not entirely our fault. Lots of times we may not even realize were eating it. Its in practically all kinds of food. What is it doing to us When were taking that delicious bite of cake we dont want to think about the damage we can be doing to ourselves—like weakening our immune system and making ourselves more susceptible to infections contributing to unhealthy insulin levels and increasing our risk of heart disease or high blood pressure. Well worry about that later. 4 Ways to Reduce Your Sugar Intake Click Here for More Help for Diabetics

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The problem is we may not worry enough about it until its too late and too much damage has been done. What Can We do Are sugar substitutes a healthier option That depends. Let’s briefly examine 4 popular alternatives that may help you reduce your sugar intake: Stevia Stevia is derived from the Stevia rebaudiana plant a native of South America. Other names for it are Sweet Leaf Candy Leaf and Sugar Leaf. Stevia does not raise blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes. In some cultures its been in use for centuries. Yes thats right. Stevia has been around for hundreds of years but many of us have only heard of it in recent decades. It is generally regarded as a healthier alternative to sugar. Some even say it is the healthiest and safest of the low calorie sugar substitutes. Warning Stevia is derived from a plant so allergic reactions are possible. People who are allergic to chrysanthemums daisies ragweed or marigolds should exercise caution. If you are unsure about including stevia in your diet be sure to check with a medical professional first. 4 Ways to Reduce Your Sugar Intake Click Here for More Help for Diabetics

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It may take a while to get used to the taste of stevia. You might want to try different brands until you find one you like. Xylitol Pronounced: zie-li-tall The "X" has a "Z" sound. The first syllable has a long "I" sound as in "lite" the second syllable has a short "I" sound as in "lit" the accent is on the first syllable. Xylitol is believed to have antimicrobial benefits but only if you choose pure xylitol without any other added sweeteners. Its best not to consume it in combination with other foods that have sweeteners. Why It has been noted that if you consume xylitol with other sugars or sugar substitutes its ability to break down or prevent the growth of bacteria will be reduced. Another benefit of xylitol is the effect it has on blood sugar levels. Table sugar usually has a glycemic index of about 100. Xylitol ranges from 7-13. This is good news since it means you can consume xylitol without having to be constantly worried about fluctuating blood sugar levels. You probably have eaten xylitol before. It can be found in sugar-free gum mints candy baked products beverages chewable sugar-free vitamins toothpastes and some oral rinses. Warning Be aware of the fact that Xylitol is quite often derived from corn. Many times the corn is GMO genetically modified and comes from China. A better option may be buying xylitol prepared from “North American hardwood” birch trees but this is usually more expensive. 4 Ways to Reduce Your Sugar Intake Click Here for More Help for Diabetics

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PLEASE DO NOT GIVE XYLITOL TO YOUR PETS. It is extremely toxic to dogs and possibly to cats. Xylitol sweetener may be a healthier alternative to health-damaging sugar and some other artificial sweeteners but it should only be consumed in small amounts. Coconut sugar Coconut sugar contains inulin which makes it at better alternative to regular sugar when it comes to the effect it has on blood sugar levels. And there are more nutrients in coconut sugar than in regular table sugar. Warning Coconut sugar has about the same amount of calories as table sugar. Although it has benefits coconut sugar is high in fructose which makes it potentially bad for a number of health conditions. However it is generally considered to be a healthier alternative to regular sugar but it should be used in moderation. You should also be aware that there are quite a few kinds of coconut sugar that are combined with regular sugar so be sure to read the product labels carefully. Also remember that if you replace coconut sugar for white sugar when cooking it might alter the taste and color of the food. 4 Ways to Reduce Your Sugar Intake Click Here for More Help for Diabetics

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Erythritol Erythritol is a sugar alcohol made from the fermented natural sugar found in corn husks. It has practically zero calories and it doesn’t impact blood sugar or insulin levels. Another benefit is erythritol does not cause tooth decay. It’s considered very easy to digest because it’s absorbed into the small intestine. Warning It is best to look for GMO-free erythritol because it does come from corn which is commonly genetically modified. However non GMO erythritol can be found in stores and more commonly online. According to current findings erythritol is generally recognized as safe. It is far lower in calories than sugar and many people say it taste very similar to sugar. It’s often used in chewing gum beverages and in baking. There are of course more alternatives to eating sugar. Especially if you already suffer from diabetes you will want to consider more ways to help you battle this serious and potentially life-threatening condition. Click the link below for an exciting method that is helping many diabetics without using prescription drugs. 4 Ways to Reduce Your Sugar Intake Click Here for More Help for Diabetics

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