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At Redtape Busters, we have Grant Writers – specialised grant writers assisting businesses and non-profit organisations all over Australia. We find relevant grants and government and philanthropic funding for individuals, non-profits and commercial enterprises. For more information, please visit -


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2 PAGE There are certain qualities that all great grant writers have. Sure they must have excellent written commination skills but there are other characteristics of grant writers that help them to stand out from the rest. The Qualities of a Good Grant Writer

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3 PAGE 1. Organised Here are our seven qualities to look for in a grant writer. 2. Persistent 3. An Eye for Detail 4. Passionate 5. Community- Minded 6. Thorough 7. They ask for Help

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4 PAGE Great grant writers are organized. They do not leave their grant writing until the last minute because they know that experienced reviewers can spot a rushed job a mile away. Good grant writers know what grants are out there and schedule their calendar to prepare grants a long time in advance. Organised

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5 PAGE Sure you may get lucky and land the first grant you ever apply for but chances are you’re going to have to apply again and again before you get that breakthrough you’ve been looking for. For every success you may have dozens of knockbacks. Great grant writers never give up they grow and learn accept feedback and become more skillful over time. Persistent

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6 PAGE Great grant writers don’t make silly avoidable errors with things like spelling grammar and punctuation. They proofread again and again and then get someone else to review and edit as well just to make sure. They don’t use grant applications to experiment with crazy fonts and text formatting either. They make it simple and clear. An Eye for Detail

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7 PAGE Great grant writers passionately believe in the project for which they are seeking funding. They paint a picture of a need that stirs an equally passionate discontent in the grant reviewer that makes them want to open their wallet and give. Great grant writers tell a story about a need and how their organisation has the answer. Passionate

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8 PAGE Successful grant writers demonstrate how their proposal will benefit not only their organisation but other organisations and the community at large. This is especially important with grants in the not-for-profit sector. Good grant writers provude letters of support and endorsement from other organisations as evidence. Demonstrated partnerships with local councils government bodies schools and community groups are worth their weight in gold. Community-Minded

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9 PAGE Great grant writers answer all the questions thoroughly. There are no weaknesses in a good grant writer’s responses. They are especially conscientious when it comes to the budget section of the grant application. They don’t pluck random numbers from the air but research and get quotes. When you fudge the numbers on the budget grant reviewers can tell. After all they are reading dozens of similar grant applications so they will notice if yours is wrong. Thorough

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10 PAGE CALIFORNIA 126942 NEW YORK 126942 TEXAS 126942 NEBRASKA 126942 Lobbying Tender Writing Grant Writing Resume/Job Application Organisational/Business Development IGreat grant writers become great by engaging with professional services like Red Tape Busters. Red Tape Busters are specialist in grant and tender writing and can help your organisation or business win grant funding or achieve successes with tenders. Visit for more information. We are specialists in providing the following services: They ask for Help

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